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Hello. My name is Hilary I’m new to this

I have been diagnosed with remitting ms.
Along with all that is associated with this condition I have one which is really causing
Major problems. I cannot sleep due to my legs being very nervy. I don’t think it’s restless
Legs. I feel that I need something cool to put my legs on.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Hilary

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8 months ago

Hi @hilaryk0757,
Sorry for not replying sooner,
Welcome, the weather has slowed every body down me thinks!
Feel free to as anything you like.
Every body here’s really friendly, we’re all in the same boat.
Your legs do seem to be behaving in the same annoying manner as mine, that’s what got me on the path of being dxd .
If you have an ms nurse ask her about it there are various pills and potions at their disposal, your Neuro may have sent your gp a letter with the info as he did with me but didn’t tell me so after ages putting up with it called my gp out of desperation, got told to pick them up from chemist they were waiting to be picked up, would have been nice to have been informed.
This happens frequently with others to so top tip always keep on top of the bods who are supposed to be helping you.
No doubt other enlightened friends will say hello soon!
Keep smiling!

8 months ago

Hi @hilaryk0757 and welcome,

Yes, @highlander is quite correct. Discuss any MS issues with your MS Nurse. They can suggest some medications for the neuropathic pain that you’re experiencing at night. They should liaise with your GP to obtain a prescription.

Otherwise you could try a magnesium supplement, or even a magnesium spray or cream to apply topically to your legs.

Never suffer in silence. 😉

8 months ago

Hi Hillary, I’m new to this site as well and still in the diagnostic stage.

I have similar experience at night with my legs, and feet. My nights my feet feel like they are burning. But cool to touch.

I soak my feet in a pail of Epson Salts and warm water. It seems rob control the discomfort long enough for me to get to sleep. Failing this I go for a swim or take a cool shower.

Anyway, hope this helps alittle.


8 months ago

A hot water bottle filled with cold water stays cool all night!

8 months ago

Hi Hilary and welcome to the site.

Cameron’s suggestion of a Hot Water Bottle filled with cold water seems to be the obvious choice.

If it’s comfort you require along with a cooling solution, then I’m pretty sure there must be a cooling cushion that may be of help.
Something you could ask your MS Nurse about.

Good luck and all the best.

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