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Hello fellow mser's

Well I am new here…I was diagnosed in 2008. So far I consider myself “lucky”. My first relapse was numbness on the right side of my face for about 8 months…then the right side for 3 months. Then I had double vision. The latest was losing feeling in my left hand. So physically it hasn’t been too bad. BUT mentally I am a mess! Was diagnosed bipolar when I was 36…very old to have bipolar depression. So for fun after a few years in bipolar meds I decided to stop taking them because I couldn’t afford them and I wanted to see how I was without bipolar pills. Funny thing my bipolar went away. I have had depression since I was 15…so when I was diagnosed with Ms it wasn’t a shock about depression….but now I am off depression meds as well and as far as depression and bipolar they both seem to have gone away. Now I am having another mental crap thing going on I think its anxiety but I cant even explain how I am feeling if that makes sense. I recently had an mri and found out my grey matter has expanded. I now have to go for another mri but my doctor said I need to have blood work done first. Anyone else feel like mental issues affect them more? Confused in canada !

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4 months ago

Hi @sarah79 and welcome.

Don’t be confused. MS can be a huge burden to carry around, so it is not unusual to find our mental states in a bit of a mess. There’s a fair few of us that take anti-depressants, to get us “thinking the right way”.

Anti-depressants aren’t a sign of weakness.

4 months ago

I agree with my mate Stumbler (we’re both old codgers) my ms nurse says everyone with the beast should be on low dose anti-depressants (I’m on 10mg a day) just dealing with the ms. Being on anti-depresssants is not giving in, take everything on offer that you can afford. We are so lucky to live in the UK and be old so we don’t even pay for prescriptions, but for you it comes down to what makes you feel good at a price you can afford. Good luck and we’re always here for a natter, a moan, a cry, a celebration, anything you want!😍

4 months ago

Hello @sarah78, it sounds great that you are having a bit of an update medical overhaul so you can see exactly where you are. Yes, although I am doing OK since being diagnosed last year, I experience anxiety for the first time in my life which is difficult and unusual to adjust to. Maybe you can post some more info when you have had the results of your tests and see if anyone has useful tips x

4 months ago

@vixen when I get my results I will be sure to update. Ty @grandma and @stumbler

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