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Heat recovery time

For those of you who deal with heat intolerance, how long does it take you to recover? My fatigue increases and my mental acuity decreases in the heat. Seemed to take about 1 1/2 hours to recover this morning. It was about 85F walking into the office. Just wait until we’re hitting 110+ in a month, sheesh…

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4 days ago

@ryanc , it’s however long it takes your body to return to its normal operating temperature.

I can understand your apprehension about the coming months. Have a search on the forum (magnifying glass, top left) and search for “cooling” for some ideas.

4 days ago

Keep drinking water, don’t stop it. And don’t drink water that is too cold because then your body will try to warm it up and in doing so you’ll warm up. Tepid water is best. But don’t go overdosing on water. as long as your sweating it out it should be fine. Also i suppose you need to make sure your minerals arent getting too low while drinking water so maybe tonic water?

3 days ago

Worked couole of days just after Eid vacation got headacge since day
1 under 120 F 49c it stopped after I slept after I asked them to have anither 2
Weeks off work from my yearly vacation. And slept in peace

3 days ago

If you drive to work, is it possible to get a closer parking spot as a reasonable accommodation?

@ryanc Hi heat intolerance Utophs Syndrome look it up well it gets worse I used to enjoy hot places and weather but have now got to the stage anything over 12c knocks me flat I find air con is a big help sit in a car with air con on and can get functions back within half hour . It now affects me when it is too cold as well . But air con is almost an essential rather than a luxury.good luck with everything.

21 hours ago

My heat intolerance gets worse every year. It can take me up to 4 hours to recover from being outside in the summer. I am alright running errands until about noon and then I have to go inside and hide. Everyone has air conditioning in Kansas, it is not unusual to have 112F humid days in July. Our central air went out in September and we had to buy a window unit until it could be repaired. It was 105 that entire month, I lived in our bedroom. Potter

3 hours ago

the older i get [i am 68] the longer it takes to recover,i find that a warm shower will do it for me.also the heat is not the main problem it is the added far it has been fairly cool in ct.

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