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Healthy diet..?? what to eat..?

I know often the advise to help keeping our MS at bay is to follow a healthy diet but I am a bit stumped as to what that means.?!! I am a Pescitarian and in my younger days would class myself as a cook but now I can hardly stand in the kitchen long enough to get something out of the freezer.. stick it on a cooking tray and bung it in the oven before I need a sit down.. :-/ . I have to set a timer (the PIP assessor said that counted as an aid as I have to set it now as once I burnt a pan of water…!! yes I know… :-/ ) for most things in the oven. I love a salad but like all the trimmings (croutons, sauce and maybe CHEESE and or TUNA 😛 ) but I have to do it in several parts if there is chopping involved.. yes I have a perch stool but I can’t spend too long balancing on it. I love vegetables and have organic whenever I can but my diet (Because of lack of appetite too ) consists of “Hot and Spicy” Doritos, water, sometimes cheese sarnie with salad cream and crisps, ready vegie meals (PING..) and sometimes even a bowl of cereal while watching telly.. I don’t like cake so much and don’t often eat chocolate (still trying to get through our Chrimbo stock.. 😛 ) and very very rarely have takeaways.. So please help all of you who say you follow a “Healthy Diet” What does that consist of..? even if it is meat I can replace most things now a days with a vegie substitute..??. It’s been suggested I see a dietician because of weight gain but as of yet … NOTHING..!!! 🙁 might chase that up.. Best wishes y’all 😀

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3 years ago

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no use beating myself up because I can’t be Mrs Perfect in the food stakes. Its part of the ‘if I did more exercise, perhaps my MS would be better, if I’d led a better life, perhaps I wouldn’t have got it in the first place .. etc’. I’m really good at beating myself up, given half a chance. I’m sure you are too! Do what you can when you can.
PS Ever tried juicing a lemon over a raw salmon steak, then microwaving for four minutes?? Really, really good!

3 years ago

Try to get more vegetable into every thing. They don’t have to be salad!
How about blobs of frozen spinage on a pizza before it goes into the oven?
Frozen salmon steaks are great and can be grilled, or wraped in foil with a little lemon and oil and put in a oven for 15 minutes ( good fish oil).
Tinned sweet corn is easy and tasty and goes with everything.
The lowest calory snack I know is brown crackers and any type of pickles – much better for you than crisps or corn chips when you are peckish.
A lot of frozen vegetarian food is full of fat and salt. You are better off with frozen spinage, a grilled chicke breast flavoured anyway you like and some couscous, which cooks itself when you put boiling water on it and is ready in 5 minutes!
Hope this helps.

3 years ago

Hi guys!

Interesting topic. Since my diagnosis 7 months ago, I did a lot of changes to my diet. Since no two persons area like, I will briefly share a few of them, or at least the most important to me.

I cut off sugar, grains and dairy. I have few exceptions, as to not make me feel bad about constraining myself: I alow rice, rice noodles, rice flour (for grain intake), goat cheese, danish white cheese and greek yoghurt (for dairy intake) and cheesecake or other cakes made by my mum or my boyfriend’s mother (these are exceptions).

I try not to push myself too hard and eat what I can see does me good. I replaced refined sugar with raw honey. Other stuff I eat: salmon, broccoli, spinach, beets, cabbage, brussel sprouts, eggs, ham, butter, Olive oil, avocado, bananas, pinnapple, kiwis, pomergranate, coconut milk, raw cacao, turmeric tea (a cup of hot water, a pinch of turmeric, one of cinnamon, one of ginger and honey to taste), and lots of herbal teas with lots of lemon and honey and finally… Lots of water.

I cut up smoking 7 months ago, I began Yoga for about three weeks and I’m to start on Copaxone in March.

So far, so good!

Hope this helped. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

A fabulous day to everyone! Take care!

3 years ago

Thanks ladies some nice tasty suggestions there.. very happy to do more fresh vegies just wish our supermarket would do nice pre-cut ORGANIC veg to save me trying to slave in the kitchen.. and as for frozen spinach .. love it.. I’m like the long lost sister of Popeye.. (funny after watching it as a kid me and my bro insisted mum give us Spinach for tea but it was bitter and horrible.. never touched it again until I had it in France as an adult.. Yummy.. same with Brussels.. love them now.. :-/ ) And thanks @cameron I like the sound of your salmon dish.. nice quick and easy just what a wobbly MS’er needs 😀 I don’t beat myself up too much about food.. if I have the appitite (mostly don’t) and I want something I will eat it but I’m just curious what everyone else eats and how it helps maybe..? .. great response from the girls.. now lets hear from the lads..!! What are you lot chomping on for your healthy diet food..?? 🙂

3 years ago

What has helped me is a no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no yeast, no eggs, no legumes and no red meat diet – but like you I am a pescatarian anyway 🙂

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel since changing my diet, I feel great – yeah I still can’t walk further and the irreversible damage is done and I can’t keep going without loads of rest stops but I feel so well – if that makes sense 😕 !

Many symptoms have improved or gone!

I would recommend keeping a food diary for a few weeks along with a symptom diary and that is an easy way to find any food types that might make your symptoms worse…

There is no harm in trying and more evidence to say diet helps than it doesn’t, I have had blood tests to check my levels are all ok – docs usually worry and try to find something wrong with me when I tell them my diet but all is fine 🙂

It’s not always easy but so worth it and it is important to me that I feel as well as I can so I will eat this way forever 🙂

I’d recommend a low inflammatory diet anyway, lots of info on the net about foods that cause less inflammation…

Good luck xxx

3 years ago

Thanks @tabbycat the brown crackers and pickles sounds really nice as a replacement to doritos.. I had a binge on rivita with organic plain cream cheese (sainsburys) spread with sliced dill pickles on top.. yummy but now I have lost my appetite and nothing takes my fancy..although I like the sound of a tin of sweet corn.. could eat that just on it’s own. Got a little recipe for a healthier(?) quick cook pizza: 1 cup of plain organic flour in a bowl.. make a dip in the middle and slowly add half a cup of cold water.. 1 table spoon of organic olive oil and mix with your finger until a dough..(cleaner than using your whole hand but it’s up to you, go for it if you want to get stuck in..) flour board well and roll out dough to desired size and thickness.. get a jar of pasta sauce (seeds of change organic one best) and pour some into a sieve over the base, get a spoon and stir the sauce in the sieve to give you a fine tomato sauce on the pizza base.. spread with a back of a spoon and cover with whatever topping takes your fancy and stick in oven to cook on a pizza tray.. cooks fairly quickly and doesn’t take too long to prepare.. now I just use a tortilla for the base and sieve on some pasta sauce as it’s a bit quicker, takes less prep time and it still cooks quickly.. 😛 Bon Appitito you lot

3 years ago

I am on a strict diet but one of the main things I don’t have is Dairy. We are not cows we don’t need their milk. Just as important is Vitamin D but don’t give up whole food groups without a bit of research 😉

3 years ago

Somebody on this site recommended George Jelinek’s book and website . We bought the book and, for the past 2+ weeks have been abiding by his recommendations. Veggies, veggies, fruit, fish & other seafood, nuts, whole grains, no animal fats (meat, dairy), and be careful of the oils you use. In a short amount of time, I have already lost 11 lbs, and seem to be feeling a little better (symptoms not gone …. YET!).
Its not the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re like most of us Americans, eating just about anything you want, but I believe it’s worth the effort.
good luck!


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