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Hi all,

It’s bothering me really that I feel a lot of us are accepting and putting up with too much regarding our health care , we all have our own tales of this and these things don’t seem to be changing .
When things are not genuinely right .
What do you all do ?

I feel we need to stick together


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1 year ago

Racheal, we certainly need to stick together but I have learn’t, certainly in my home city, the more you get the press, MP, ms nurse and anyone else you can think of involved the better. Get cross, don’t be a doormat, a lot of people say ” that’s terrible” but they don’t do anything, so fight anyway you can, you shouldn’t have to buy the reality of life is only you can make things happen. Keep up the fight!😍 Jill

1 year ago

@rachaellouise you are so right. As with other things, it’s a postcode lottery. My sister is diagnosed, lives 10 miles from me in another borough and doesn’t get access to an MS nurse or regular check-ups. I suspect that specialist leanings towards some types of medication might be related to budget rather than outcome of patients. Physio and other advice she has was given by neighbours and friends. Maybe we warriors should form a political party. How about this…….Warriors Aiming for Redistibution or Fair Access To Resource Entitlement. WARFARE. How about it? ? 🙂

1 year ago

@vixen lol yeh warriors we are ! There’s so many things cures vs no cures also related to money.
There’s so many things that are wrong for people who aren’t well . So many things we go through and so many things wrong.
There never seems to be trials and funding available for a trial on cures or anything related to not popping pills ! Wonder why, hey?
Nothing seems to be aligned for us to get better … even some of the charities that are supposed to be supporting and helping us . 💰

Makes you mad but you know what we don’t have to accept this! There’s things we can do , yes may take time but we can have hope and work out how to change things … ! It’s same for any sick person and there’s a lot of us with conditions and on the rise and also even minor things .
So load of us

@grandma thanks for the support which brings me to what you said these things work with a movement your right and we should not give up! Because what choice do we have ?
Fighters channeled in the right way . Unstoppable ! 😊💪

1 year ago

IMO, it’s safer to channel the anger into practical aims and tasks rather than letting it fester. That would be really bad for the MS….. xx

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