5 years ago
Heading to Sunny Africa for holiday

Ahh well heading down to West Africa for a two week holiday, under normal circumstances i would have been over the moon,fab beaches, heat, jet skis, Theme parks etc.Unfortunately not to happy cos i just read the Heat makes MS worse, damn what a downer, still going to go anyway and hope i dont get fatigued and have to run back with my tail inbetween my legs.

Wonder how Ms sufferes in California or Florida cope?

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Heat can be bad, but like all possible symptoms you’ll have to wait and see…. I’d prefer to be in a position where I was having to wait and see if heat affected me, knowing my air-conditioned room was just a stone’s throw away 😉

Thanks mate, well i guess its air conditioned cars to air conditioned houses plus loads of water to cool off.

Didn’t know heat made it worse, 3 weeks in China will show me I guess >_<

Which bits of China are you going to @reens?

Beijing, Xian, Luoyang,Yangshuo, Guilin, Shanghai and Hong Kong 🙂

Nice! Would be interesting to try some authentic Chinese Dim Sum – probably not like the type I’m so used to from Chinatown

To answer your last question — MS Sufferers in CA, like myself, cope quite nicely. California is honestly, not that crazy hot. In fact, I kinda feel like it’s the PERFECT weather for someone with MS. I live in Burbank, which is basically LA +5 degrees for most of the year. I’d say the average high for the year is about 75 with lows around 60. There’s usually one or two weeks out of the entire year where things get unbearable, in which case, I spend a lot of time INDOORS and do my best to work out indoors. A friend of mine with MS from Florida currently lives here and tells me she couldn’t even walk outside without wearing a cooling vest. I lived in Texas before I was diagnosed, and I seriously can’t even imagine how awful the humidity would be. Just do your best to sit down when you’re getting burned out and there’s nothing like pouring a glass of ice water on your head to cool down a bit. Have a great vacation!

Hey Desbanks,

YAY!! I’m from South Africa, so it’s always fantastic to hear that people are visiting the motherland i.e. AFRICA!!! 1. You’re going to have the most amazing time. and 2. Do not stress about the heat. Just be careful, the aircon will help tons…when you feel your core temperature rising, just take a break, and go have a lie down in an airconditioned (leave it on all day if you can) room! Swimming will also be an option…and avoid doing activities during the hottest times of the day – between 12:00 and 15:00.

Other than that, we find the best way to lower Paul’s body heat quickly, is to dip his fingers/hands, feet/ankles into some ice water – this is proven to lower the body core temp. So that’s an idea too. Also, always have a nice ice-cold bottle of water to you, and perhaps you could buy yourself a cooling vest…just in case.

We lived in South Africa up until 3 years ago when we ventured to the UK. And we visit home regularly…so far Paul has been absolutely fine with managing the heat!! So I have no doubt you’re going to have an amazing time 🙂


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