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Have you found your MS energy?

Have you changed your outlook on life or your priorities in some way since being diagnosed with MS? We call this ‘MS energy’: it’s the desire to do something – anything – positive following your diagnosis. It can happen right away or months or years after.

We’ve launched a project to capture and share MSers experience of ‘MS Energy’, which we hope will inspire other MSers to think about what they could achieve.

Click on the link below to read the stories of others, or check out the ‘MS Energy’ link on the left hand side of the website. If you’ve got a story, please share it on the website, rather than below!

MS Energy



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4 years ago

Sorry but are you sure it’s MS energy? Or total desperation can’t do anything you did a couple of years previous so you get a wheelchair and kill yourself getting round the shop because your desperate for a bar of chocolate. And everyone who sees you say oh look at him how positive, that must be Ms energy? Bloody idiots. Lol

4 years ago

I used to go out drinking every weekend, smoke eat eat junk. Got diagnosed with MS, started going to the gym and eating healthy. I’ve since found a passion for running and it keeps my body and mind in check. I’m in double figures with half marathons and I’m in the London marathon this year. MS is a bit shit, but there’s always something else in life to keep you going so just look for positives in life.

4 years ago

Hi jr. That’s amazing. Good luck with london. You sound so fit how did you get diagnosed in the first place?? (PM answer)

4 years ago

Fear is a great motivator and I’ve developed balls of steel.

4 years ago

Even the female of the species need to grow bigger balls living with a MonSter. Sometimes, at work, when I get the ‘I dont know how you keep so positive’ speech, I want to tell people you can act for so long, it becomes a learnt behaviour.

4 years ago

Hi @jrdiddle
thanks for the inspirational meesage.
I recently started running myself and I just wanted to know – what you eat before you run a race
and do you take refreshments from the drinks stand when you run ?
Im still trying to find a right mix for myself with regards to eating and drinking before and during the run.
thanks for the inspiration once again 🙂

4 years ago

I’ve tried a few different breakfast like porridge, cereal or toast but out of this, a bowl of cereal and 2 bits of toast works best for me. With drinking, I used to drink more than I do now but again, that’s down to what you find works for you. If I were starting again, I’d drink at all possible stations. I used to carry a bottle too but I’d sip little bits and the same from drink stations, just a little not a gulp. It’s just trial and error with what’s best for you. I ran 12.5 last night and didn’t drink. Winter helps with that. Lol.

4 years ago

Ms made me realise I was lucky in many ways, I got healthier, I have started working out and appreciate so much more of what I have rather than worrying about the little things. I know someone same age as me (33) who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease so I owe it to him and others suffering with such a horrific illness to appreciate what I have and to try and be as positive as possible, hard I know but the more positive we are the better chance we have to fight xx

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