4 years ago
Hating this cold weather

Y can’t I get warm? Had to keep in front of the radiator at work and I still felt cold, from the waist downwards!! What is going on I wonder…..

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It’s called winter. lol

I hate it too. If I get cold I sieze up, then it takes ages to warm up again.

Your brain say you’re cold, but is your lower half physically cold to the touch?

This is where MS plays around with us. The messages from the nerve endings aren’t being received correctly by the brain. So, your brain could be telling you that certain parts are cold or have pins’n’needles, etc. but physically you do not have a problem.
Frustrating or what? 😈

deffo frustratin and I want to wrap myself up in a duvet, but don’t think that would go down too well at work lolz. I’ve even thought of buying a sheepskin coat, do u remember those, the Afghans!!!

My legs are on top of the oil heater and they’re still feeling cold!

Be careful @andyb u don’t fry!! But I know exactly how ur feelng!

do we need a group hug? lol

what? that would mean going out from under this cover! take a virtual one…. {hug} 🙂

lolz thanks back at you…..just got home and av got my duvet!!!

I am on the web 12 inches from my roaring log fire! lovely and warm but still got freezing cold feet
I want an electric blanket on my bed but husband says “no way” at least I get a hot water bottle every night, God I sound like an old woman Ha !!!

@loulou I luuuuuurve hot water bottles and roaring fires!!! at least you have your hubby to bring the hot water bottle for you. You lucky lady lol

I am sitting cocooned in my (electric) throw. Blissfully warm and cheaper than keeping the heating up.

I hate the cold too, I tuck my flannel pjs into my socks at night..

I walk around with a hot water bottle, and have to sleep with two -one for the feet and one to hold – and just can’t seem to sleep for anything less than 11 hours.

Im sat with my heater on and im wearing gloves. Can’t wait for summer! 🙂

Feel for you guys, hate the cold (though to be sure, my version of ‘cold’ probably differs from yours…)
Currently in a heat wave here in Melbourne, 15days over 30’C and still going strong.
Personally think somewhere in between would be nice…
🙂 Jas

Ha I got my heat pad 🙂

I ride my bike a lot in all weathers and I’ve just found out about merino wool sock recently which help keep my feet warm in minus temperatures on the way to work and I used to get painfully cold feet really quickly, works for me and I can’t recomend them highly enough! they can be a bit expensive but if you look around on amazon then you can get them cheaper!
Not to advertise or anything but if you type “baa baa socks” into a search then you can find them, that the product name and not the company name. Hope this helps

Fleecy throw round me legs, specially evenigns, watchin TV! Layers of clothes. And bad circulation in extremities is another reason for cold feet.

I wear a moleskin goose and duckdown coat all day sooooo warm also recently have bought ski base layers, so comfortable and warm, good investment! just gotta sort my feet out, I must buy some more foot hotties, expensive but toasty feet all day
ROLL ON THE SPRING the Daffs are a welcome sight! x

My best buy ever: an electric throw for the lounge. It’s quite big, wraps right round you several times, saves keeping the central heating on all day and costs pennies to run.

wow u r all lookin toastie, am gonna look into some of the great tips guys thnx

13.5 tog goose down quilt makes bedtime more attractive than ever

They look nice, @angeshiftms. Just remember you’ve got your feet in them if you have to rush to the loo! 😆

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