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Has anyone done the Live Disease Free…

…programme by Pam Bartha?

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1 year ago

I haven’t heard of it until now, what does it involve @vickivictoria?

1 year ago there are lots of videos online as well.

Here’s a link which explains it all. It’s a bit like the GAPS diet I think. I love the idea of it as it treats the cause of disease and not just the symptoms. Obviously there’s a cost involved and before I commit I wanted to make sure it’s genuine.

1 year ago

I wouldn’t want to dampen your enthusiasm @vickivictoria but my personal reaction to the whole thing is scepticism. To be fair I haven’t read it through thoroughly because it’s way more info than I can handle in one sitting but when I saw the price I decided that was enough reading for now! It all sounds fairly sensible & you’ve probably learned a lot more about it if you’ve read through all that info & watched videos online so if your open to it maybe it’s worth investigating further. I’d be interested to hear from people who’ve tried it, is that what the videos were? I always like to bear in mind that just because I tend to be sceptical doesn’t mean none of these things work. I’d be quite happy to be proven wrong 😊

1 year ago

Thanks for your advice @lilbird. Are there any Canadians out there who have heard of Pam?

1 year ago

I am Canadian and I have not heard of her.
Unfortunately when something seems too good to be true, it might be.

Are you able to find her work and reviews on her on any independent pages? That may help give her some credibility.

1 year ago

I personally wouldn’t sign up for this. I only read the outline briefly, but into it she talks
about infections and ‘getting the right tests’ done – which will cost a bunch of money over and
above the fee to sign up.

So instead of signing up with her – for a whopping $2000 (which she claims is a discount), if I had that money I would prefer to go to see a holistic / alternative / functional medical doctor who could easily order the correct tests, and interpret them.
People can choose – dairy / wheat free, to eat or not eat meat, bone broth, vegan etc…
But the point is to eat clean and as organic as possible. But the tests and infection stuff I wouldn’t
want to be dealing with on my own – I’d want a doctor’s advice.

1 year ago

Thanks everyone for your replies. Stay well x

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