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Happy holidays!!!

Have just come back from an amazing camping trip with the munchkins!

I know peeps find it hard with having MS and all the obstacles it brings, guess it’s hard to see the rainbows sometimes but I always look for the positives things!

I managed to drive all the way to and from Whitby by myself and for me that’s a big deal as I hate motorways so found a way around that!
I managed to put a tent up and it actually stayed up, along with a gazebo πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ!
The kids faces: as we roasted marshmallows, caught pesky crabs, whom love bacon btw! Went on a boat ride across the sea and and splashed around and built sandcastles on the beach, seeing the kids faces as they played till dark on the campsite, as it was safe to do so! These are the things that made me realise there is more to life than just MS, in fact I didn’t think about my MS once except for now as I’m shattered but it was worth it all!!

So what are your rainbows for this week, what has made you forget it about it and just let life take over?

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9 months ago

Hello @chezy17, sounds like a wonderful holiday for you all. Congrats on the drive! My rainbow is also a holiday, I am in Spain and through planning and prep have managed really high temperatures. I actually feel good about going back tomorrow, full of feist and fearlessness to tackle whatever might come my way!x

9 months ago

Hey @vixen sounds like you have found your rainbow too 😊. Glad you’ve had a lovely holiday and have coped well in the heat! Here’s to feeling fearless and full of feist πŸ’ͺ! X

9 months ago

Hi Chevy, my rainbow of the week was being discharged by the Oncologist at the hospital, telling me that after 8 years they think they have dealt with the cancer! Onwards and upwards😍

9 months ago

Hi @chezy17!
My rainbow 🌈 is that I’ve managed to work 3x 8 hour shifts and 1x 7.5 hours shift this week =31.5 hours for the first time since my MS symptoms started Jan 2017! I’ve also had a busy weekend, although I managed to get a long lie this morning!
It seems to have been quite a positive week for lots of Msers, maybe something to do with the change in the weather?
Onwards and upwards! πŸ˜‚ 🀣

9 months ago

That’s awesome! My rainbows are also great moments with my kids. This weekend we managed to go swimming, hit up an indoor bounce house place, took the kids to church by myself (no small feet with three kids under five!); and hit up a nice museum. Nothing got done around the house and we have no food to eat next week but I’ll worry about that tomorrow! I know what you mean about camping – we hit up the Shenandoah mountains a month ago and it was just wonderful. It was cool enough that I didn’t have to worry about overheating and the kids all had a blast! It’s really nice to unplug sometimes πŸ˜€. Keep the good Vibes rolling!

9 months ago

Yey everyone for 🌈🌈🌈🌈!

@grandma that is fantastic news chick 🍻! Took the kids to Alton Towers today 😊!

9 months ago

I didn’t realise you were so close. Went to the ms meet up in Derby city centre a few weeks ago, met Louise, had lovely lunch in the sun, people watched for a couple of hours. Went on the train, all good, train staff and joe Public very helpful, doors opened, ramps appeared, all good stuff. Only in Stoke, very close to Longton station, steps no ramps, don’t know how mobile you are, have a great garden with garden train track instead of lawn, kids love it, totally fenced in because of dogs, who love everyone, so think about visiting whilst the kids are on holiday.😍

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