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I was having such a great relapse free streak.. was almost at 19 months without a relapse. Now, almost a month ago, i had a relapse, and just started a second relapse yesterday.

I’m scared shitless and totally down in the dumps!

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1 year ago

I’m not surprised that you feel gutted, @antonettefick . Long periods of remission start to make us feel “immortal”, or something like that.

So, an unexpected relapse brings us back down to earth with a major bump!

Are you able to recall anything which may have preceded these relapses?

1 year ago

This first one was a bout a serious anger (totally lost my cool) and i have no idea what brought about the second one… I really feel i did nothing that i’m not supposed too..

And yeah, i felt a little bit “untouchable” and now i feel totally vulnerable

1 year ago

@antonettefick , we all continue to live and learn. Life’s one big lesson.

I had a major relapse due to a bout of serious anger, which totally stressed me. If I’d known then about the relationship between stress and relapses, it wouldn’t have happened.

So, chill out now and learn this particular lesson.

1 year ago

Chilling out is the problem… In South Africa, we pay for our meds.. I am on a very good medical plan, and if i have to go on with Gilenya, i have to pay in about $1000 a month.. I am a poor girl with a rich disease…

But like you said, i need to chill out.. it will all work out in the end..

Thanks for the nice words

1 year ago

Hello there, are you certain another relapse started yesterday? My symptoms change and shift all the time so don’t even understand if I’ve relapsed or not! I so understand how it makes you feel down in the dumps. Feel better soon…..x

1 year ago

Have u tried experimenting with blending fresh turmeric, little ginger and maybe some aloe Vera gel? Past weekend, my vision became blurry. I blended ingredients listed above; after about 2/3 mins…vision made a come back. Hope you’re able to resolve potenatially acute symptoms

1 year ago

Don’t worry about it, it happened to me 20years ago, and again last year, I usually relapse once every 2-3 years while I was on Beta Inferon, and had 2 relapses in less than 4 months last year, but I was going through hell at the time (43 year marriage break up, start of PIP process et ., ) But it can also be a small thing, like loosing your temper, I rant and rave now on an almost daily basis, but because this lat year I have lost nearly all feeling in my hands, So I drop and break things (I live in ‘the potteries)and have loads of beautiful Wedgwood dinner services (mum worked there for 40 years) and I have had to replace all with plastic, anyone want to buy a Wedgwood dinner service? keep your pecker up Love Jill xx

1 year ago

As I understand it, relapses are not necessarily explainable and just happen. My neuro physio’s prescription for managing them is as follows: a) as much sleep as you can manage b) as much very, very gentle exercise as possible BUT as soon as it starts hurting anywhere, stop the activity, c) complete indulgence with food and drink – whatever you fancy and as much as you fancy d) a mentally challenging activity, e.g. a new book, puzzles, following a debate or documentary, e) a planned leisure activities that you know you’re going to enjoy and which involve social interaction, e.g. coffee with friends, meals out, girls’ night in, f) little personal treats e.g. new bath bubbles, a hairdo etc. The thinking behind this is to give your body and mind the best chance of repair. Maximum rest combined with gentle activity for the physical repair plus (and most importantly) diverting and re-training the brain. It needs to be occupied with things other than symptoms and find a different focus. xx

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