5 years ago
Growing Pains…@ 26

I seem to be getting what feels like growing pains in my right arm (the arm that had numbness and still does a little now). It only happens in the middle of the night, not every night be probably once a week average. Last night it was intensifying until my hand twitched, then the feeling went. A minute later it started building up again. If I started moving my arm about (like in the air, stretching it out) it would again stop but soon fire up again. Could this be anything to do with my MS or something else?

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It may be something similar to what I used to endure. I’ve written about it here http://djdsouza.wordpress.com/2007/08/24/why-the-growth-of-wifi-scares-me/

Hi I am reasently diagnosed with ms at begining of this year 2012 started. 2year ago with opric neoritous. as well as other symtoms I get these alot especially in my legs and feet remind me of growing pain,i sit rubbing my legs it is usually in the night when I relax, but it is starting to be a bit more persistent and I am getting it through the day aswell, ieven get my hubby to rub them it gets that bad longest period of time that I have had them is continuous for around 2month,

Have you seen the doc about it? 2 months is harsh!


I’ve gotten a very similar feeling in my arms and occasionally my legs as well. Its quite unpleasant. Only thing I have noticed helps is either stretching and/or massaging the area.

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