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Good day but it's a bad day

Good day bad day.

Yesterday for the first time in months I managed to work through the pain and discomfort…
Once did it a lot.
But it felt like I was almost my old self.
Okay I had to constantly sit down and it took an hour and a half and two different attempts to take my Christmas tree down. But I had the determination.

I was in more pain usual too, but somehow I just couldn’t let myself stop.

Today I’m suffering for it. Quite a bit but at the same time not as much as I was expecting. I can still get around about the same as usual. And my words are better than expected. I won’t be winning any spelling bees today. But it’s managable.

My house looks like a tip and I just couldn’t not do anything about it yesterday. My brain still wants me to do more. But reality says slow down.

I’m not really okay with that. Because I do want to do stuff even if I’m exhausted.

I’ve not had any energy in months. I don’t want to waste it because I’m sore. But I will try to take it easier than I would have in the past.

Today I think I’ll managed atleast to fold some clothes. If I’m really up for it. I’ll sort atleast my own drawers out to look better.

It wasn’t a good day yesterday. If anything it was a bad day, very little sleep because of pain. Had to do a few things out of the house in the snow… Then I came home and couldn’t stop trying to make our house look inhabitable again…

Does anyone else manage it. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to work through the pain. And I mean like it was making me cry it was soo painful. But still got through it somehow…
Sorry I’m rambling. I’m still new to this and this flair and everything…

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12 months ago

@elliesmith , you shouldn’t have to suffer pain from your MS. There are medications available to help, so have a word with your medical team about this.

It’s good to get these things written down. A problem shared is a problem halved.

So keep going and keep ranting. 😉

12 months ago

Im on lyrica already but I’m looking to come off it because the side effects are starting to outway any sense of help it’s giving.
I use cbd to make the nerves calm down and become bearable.
And I have spasms in my back because of ligament damage caused when they did my LP in October.
I deal with it because they’ve tried the most effective stuff and it does nothing…

The pins and needles/numbness that increases when I move around is what makes the pain, makes it unbearable really quickly. I guess you’d call it break through pain. The cbd like I say is what brings it down.
But when I do so much as well (though I rarely can do that much with said pain). It’s just not good.

Thanks for the reply though.

I actually saw my gp yesterday about pain and such.
I’m not willing to change anything while I’m waiting to start Copaxone, but my gp is wanting to see me after 6weeks on Copaxone to them discuss changing, because she hopes by then there may be improvement of symptoms.

12 months ago

I take cannabis high in cbd to help with pain, it stops the pain within seconds.

12 months ago

@simone2 yup I use the cbd oil and it works well, inside it in ecig form. It helps with my nerves screaming at me but it doesn’t make a huge difference with other pain.

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