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Glutamate is the one!

Hi guys
I’ve done around 4-6 hours reading almost everyday regarding Ms and how to slow progression etc as I’m terrified with all the issues I have had.
I’ve come to the conclusion that glutamate is key or the removal of it is, and I’m not the only one.
It’s been implicated in me, Alzheimer’s, ocd, als the lot!
All the healthy eating programs for Ms contain foods that lower glutamate and increase gaba and glutathione the good guys.
The Ms smart trial is using riluzole and fluoxetine, both have lowering effects on glutamate. Even biotin activates the Krebs cycle implicated in glutamate lowering.
The supplements suggested, l theanine, NAC, nag, inositol etc they all have the pro glutathion GABA and anti glutamate actions.

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t proven at any level really other than mouse models and some loose phase 2 trials of numerous drugs but I’m convinced this is one of the keys. Even mindfulness reduces glutamate by promoting GABA!

I mentioned this to the chaps at Barts who
Have mentioned that they have an interest in it and are awaiting funding for some trial which they are keeping tight lipped about.

This i don’t believe is so implicated in the inflammation stage but I believe it’s huge in the progressive stage. The messential vitamin contains a lot of compounds that impact glutamine levels, so surely it’s worth a try?

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3 years ago

Ooooh this is interesting! I will look up about this! …

With glutathione, I know this is probably why cold sea swims help people as this increases glutathione levels!? … I run my shower cold everyday for a few seconds in the hope it helps – but lol I’m far too much of a wimp to run it cold for long enough :/

I don’t know anything much about the other Glutamate etc you mentioned but have heard of the Kreb’s and it does sound very interesting – thanks for this! Will be good to research!


3 years ago

Can you please provide the sources you have read this information from…

that would be very useful..

l am trying to change my diet ..

3 years ago

Remember I’m no expert and this is only my opinion on it all
Glutathion is the bodies bigest anti oxidant hence the use in many problems. They’re finding that gluthathion and glutamate are implicated in all sorts of issues, some of the drugs for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s target glutamate excitoxicity.
Glutathione GABA and glutamate work in tandem too, when glutamate is high the others are low etc.
Raising glutathion lowers glutamate, increasing the transport of glutamate should lower free glutamate etc

Glutathione being raised should help other issues but sometimes low glutamate can cause cog fog as its a chief neuro teansmitter so again this is only my opinion

As for sources I’ll try get them all
But it’s NAC and alpha lipoic acid that have been used to treat Ms and alpha lipoic acid is part of a current trial in America at 1200mg a day.

I also asked Barts neuros on this and they seem to be working on something related

3 years ago

Thanks .. interesting has it got anything to do with the kinds of food we eat ..

3 years ago

There’s a lot of the no go foods that are high in hlutamate, it’s the glutathione rich ones that are good

But again this is only a theory of mine and maybe other people but nothing really extensively proved yet, same as the antibiotic theory etc

I don’t want people thinking it to be a cure all its just an idea
But It can’t hurt to correct the level, having said that I seem to be getting worse month on month at the moment so maybe I’m wrong

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