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GCSE worries

Hey, I’m in Year 11 and should hopefully start my exams in five months. My DMT is lemtrada and my neurologist said that it usually is about two years after starting it that I’ll have another relapse. Should I be worried that my GCSEs will make me have a relapse or not?

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1 year ago

Hi @abbeytagg14 and welcome, although I am really sorry that you have reason to join us at such a young age.

You seem to have a very proactive Neuro, who has put you on one of the most effective treatments available. This treatment, and your young age, should hold you in good stead to make a good recovery. And, hopefully, you can enjoy at least a few years of remission, if not longer.

Regarding your exams, these should all be achievable. Prepare to do the work involved leading up to the exams. Don’t leave it to the last minute. And, do your best. No-one can ask more of you than that.

Worry and stress can aggravate our MS and are best avoided. This is why you need to have a plan to ensure your revision is done in good time.

Good luck with the exams when the time comes. And, I really hope that your MS can fast become a distant memory for you.

Stay strong, young lady.

1 year ago

Hi @abbeytagg14. Well done for getting almost to GCSEs. I’m sure your SENCO has chatted with you about Access Arrangements. With your diagnosis, even without any learning difficulties you would be entitled to supervised rest breaks for the exams, and could ask for a separate room, for example, if you keep needing the loo, or need to stretch etc.

If you have to miss an exam because you’re not feeling well, your school will be able to apply for Special Consideration for the award of a grade. This is tricky, but shows that help is there if you need it. It’s good that you’re thinking about these things in January, shows you have a great approach. However my lovely, these exams are important but if the worst comes to the worst and you need to retake them, then no worries at all! In in your case, not achieving desired results shouldn’t really disadvantage you being accepted for whichever course you choose for September. Good luck, keep studying but don’t overdo it. Lots of rest, revision in short bursts, onwards and upwards! Xx

1 year ago

Hello Abbey 🙂 I’m five months post 1st Lemtrada infusion and I’ve been relapse-free so far, even though I have a lot of stress at work & highly agressive MS. 🙁 I just try to rest as much as possible, eat healthy and not worry too much about problems which actually can be solved. I know t’s not easy, but I’m also sure that it’s possible to do. So, please try to stay calm, baby, and good luck! 🙂

1 year ago


Good luck with GCSES! Your strength will pull you through and you will succeed .

Try to be positive (easier said than done I Know )😊
Don’t get too stressed ( easier said than done I know) to help stress you can meditate . Try the app calm or head space if you have a Phone! Lots of mediation articles and books to help you do it.
Walking and fresh air maybe yoga

Do you do any of the above?

You’ll be fine

Rachael x

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