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I have been taking Gabapentin for about a year to help with pain. At first it seemed to dampen down the pain but recently my pain is a lot worse. I take 900mg daily. Does it sometimes stop working?
Just sick of the constant pain…its as if the whole of my skin hurts if you know what I mean.
Thank you

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9 months ago

@sarah_irwin , you seem to have a couple of options:-

1. Increase the dose; or

2. Have a word with your Doctor about switching to Pregabelen (Lyrica). Your Doctor would need to advise about tapering off the Gabapentin and introducing the Pregabelen.

So, have a chat with your Doctor, or MS Nurse, about your next move.

9 months ago

Thanks @stumbler
I will have a look into that drug and give my MS nurse a call.
The last time I remember being pain free was when i was coming round from a minor op. It was such a strange feeling…it highlighted how being in pain was my new ‘normal’. It was tge best hour of my life!

9 months ago

I agree I did the same pregabaline is good and you will need to be weaned from one to the other. Good luck with it let us know how you get on.

9 months ago

Thank you x

9 months ago

@sarah_irwin i have been on 900mg, stopped end of 2017 to see how it was without
I introduced CBD oil and now I’m going back on Gabapentin 900mg
I think dose increase advised by MS nurse or GP and good ol Paracetamol May help
Of course CBD oil helps me but ain’t for everyone
All the best

9 months ago

Hey @sarah_irwin! I’m on 900mg of gabapentin as well and for the most part this has been working well for me. Recently I’ve been getting more shooting pains in the arms and hands. I am going to go see my GP to ask about increasing the dose. But it does sound like there may be alternatives out there too. I guess it might just take a bit of trial and error to find something that works. Hope you get there soon!

Take Care xxx

9 months ago

Thank you for your help. I may stick with it a bit longer and have a word at my next MS nurse appt 😊

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