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Functional Medicine Approach


I have been doing a lot of research about using Functional Medicine to treating MS, particularly the ‘Wahl Protocol’. I am currently, on a disease modifying therapy however my goal is to use food and lifestyle to get off the DMT. Does anyone have experience with going from a DMT to using Functional Medicine? How is it working for you? And how did you approach your neurologist to assist with the transition from DMT to functional medicine?

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1 year ago

Im off treatments for 12 years.
Im saudi and i live there. Been to scotland 3 years to study 7 years after daignosos.

Im not on any diet im so thin in nature now im taking tanleta to increase my apetite.

Not a fan of restaurant food i dont deink alcohol or smoke i smoked for a wee while in scotland but stopped shortly after.
My social life is what keeps me going. I have office job. Not disabled most of my food is eastern of course. But i drink tea and coffee sometime i over do it i simply live my life.
MRi Scan has been scary for years now but no relapses for some reason. I dont drink power drinks i dont over worry ect

I hope your functional medication works well with u
Be safe

1 year ago

Thank you for the information.

1 year ago

As far as I understand the Wahls protocol it is used in conjunction with disease modifying drugs and not instead. I follow the Wahls diet (with eggs though ) and have also followed Wahls Paleo which I found too limiting. I think her programme has a sound basis and has definitely helped me .

I’ve just recently watched a documentary a series on Broken Brain which discussed a functional medical approach and the docs in the series were using prescription drugs to treat alongside diet, exercise, supplements etc.

I won’t be stopping DMT anytime soon but my neurologist was supportive of a healthy diet/ diet changes and all the self care. He had looked into the Wahls protocol as patients had asked him. Are you going to a Functional Medicine practitioner?

1 year ago

Thank you for the information.

I am working with a Naturopathic Doctor and I see him every 3-6 months.

I am also watching the Broken Brain series, it ‘s been very informative and I am enjoying it.

1 year ago

I think lifestyle changes are key. Diet is huge. Swank…..Wahls…..just go plant based, eliminate sugar, red meat and processed foods. Focus on colorful veggies and power roots like Turmeric. Also, exercise 4x/week. Don’t strain, take it easy, but exercise. You can do it. The Swank longitudinal studies show you can do it!!!!

1 year ago

Thank you, I appreciate the input.

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