4 years ago
fumaric acid

Has anyone of you experience with fumaric acid? It is supposed to be approved this year and I`m thinking about to switch, because I`m really tired of intections..!

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Sounds very promising. How long before it’s available on the NHS???

thanks for the info, i was wondering if there is someone in this forum who`s already on it. it`s said that it will be available for people with ms this spring or summer, but you never know how, why or when the government reacts…

@elsi, I found this snippet of information via a US resource:-
If the drug is having problems getting approval in the US, I can’t see it being available here anytime soon. 🙁

I read somewhere that it will be available this year… I don`t get why there are concerncs about safety, because it has been used for over 20 years for treating psoriasis…

It’s a similar situation with Campath/alemtuzumab. That’s a drug that has been seem to have a benefit to MS-ers, although it’s original use was something else.
So, the manufacturers go to re-licence it under another name, at a greater cost!
It seems in the case of BG-12 the delay appears to be the safety of the testing. But, if it’s been used for years, then one may assume that it’s really a cost/profit issue!

As always let’s change the name use it for a different purpose and surprise surprise the price goes up !

Teva – The parent company for Copaxone has asked the FDA to delay the drug approval of BG-12 fumaric acid. It was supposed to be approved by the FDA this past December but has promised to make a decision on it by March 28th of this year.

It seems to me the drug company Teva had a more sinister reason for the delay other than just “patient safety” as highlighted in the article link below.


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