mhworden 29/03/18
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Friend requests

Hi! Anyone else getting new friend request notice by email but then is not there when you log in. View requester profile gives a 404 error. What’s up?! Thanks

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4 weeks ago


This occurs when they have either deleted their account – or been removed from this site.

4 weeks ago

@edmontonalberta. Thanks!

4 weeks ago

I got the same yesterday.

4 weeks ago

As mentioned above, these are “Friend” Requests from the internet’s “undesirables”. That unfortunate part of the web that would like to part you from your money. They have nothing to do with MS!

They join the Forum, send multiple Friend Requests, then start sending their rhetoric, requesting your personal information and offering “pictures”, etc..

We can usually identify these individuals within days, if not hours and remove them. Hence, Friend Requests from “Friends”, who have disappeared.

We have MS, we don’t need any other inconveniences. 😉

4 weeks ago

Got a “friendship request” like that too… Did not reply and deleted the request..

They walk among us… Shame

4 weeks ago

Hi. Yes also had several requests from this person: kerangerni1467. I also did not respond because couldn’t find the profile in this forum.

4 weeks ago

yes Ma’am yesterday

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