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1 month ago

I’ve no idea as I’ve been friends requested

1 month ago

Me too, I’ve rejected it as one of my posts popped up in his profile.

1 month ago

It’s weird how they only wanna communicate through email?

1 month ago

Ive just got the same message so unfriended straight away.
How strange 😮

1 month ago

I’ve had it to

1 month ago

It is very suspicious to only communicate via email.

Time to decline that friend request!

1 month ago

Me too

1 month ago

Yup, didn’t accept.

1 month ago

Yep, me too!

1 month ago

he is probably a deposed Nigerian Prince who wants to share his wealth with all of us, so we can all become millionaires but we just have to give him our bank details and pay for a transfer fee.


he is trying to sell us fake miracle drugs that are at best placebos for people with health conditions


this ones is more for the gents, he is selling enlargement pills/exercises because just because.

either way no post no introduction no photo. not the kind of person we should be trusting. 🙂

1 month ago

I got a friend request from this user, I wonder why I didn’t trust it
so I didnt accept and kept living life is nicer
and now I just saw your post which assured me that MS didnt damage my 6th sense

1 month ago

I did too , at first accepted request but as had no profile info I deleted

1 month ago


1 month ago

It’s the second time I’ve receive a friend request and message from someone saying they are from the United States Army and want to connect through private email.. they are scams don’t give your person emails away.

1 month ago

I thought the US Army was offering me a job. Sheez. xo

1 month ago

I also received a FR from said individual.

Looked a tad suspect to me.

I’ll now decline the request.

1 month ago

Oh my soul, I have just posted about this… What the heck….

Why troll an MS site if there are many many many chatrooms and very desperate people out in the world that would be willing to chat to you…

Strange people…

1 month ago

Hi all,

Just letting everyone know the user has been removed, thanks to everyone for being so diligent and flagging this up to us.

If it happens again, feel free to email [email protected] to flag it up.

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