vivc 20/11/17
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Foot pain

Dear whom it may concern,

When I walk the right foot feels heavy, is this caused by
MS. I haven’t had any falls recently. I take paracetamol
that calms it down is that ok?

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7 months ago

Hi @vivc this could be MS, or it could be a muscle injury. If paracetamol calms it that’s great & you should carry on. MS causes neuropathic pain that generally is not stopped with regular pain meds, so it may be an idea to see your GP or MSnurse…

I hope that helps?


7 months ago

Its normal for MS patient to have side of their body more effected by the illness than the other.
If you are daignosed it might be it altho paracetmol never works to calm tge pain caused by illnesses as MS

I suggest you rest you foot for a while.

7 months ago

Hi I’m Lesley I’m new to this site I’ve not been diagnosed with ms yet but they think I could have it going for more mri scans again due to me having a dragging leg poor balance painful feet lower back pain shoulder pain pain in my hands feel like I’m on my own while they find out what’s wrong my partner is great but keeps saying you will be fine it’s not ms

6 months ago

Hello it would be really good to hear some advice and talk to people who understand how it feels. I had recently been diagnosed with RA. I was on hydroxychlorquine but been recommended to be on Methotrexate. I had pain in my feet everyday with the mornings being the worse. but when I am wearing orthofeet’s shoes, at that time I dont have pain in my feet

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