4 years ago
Foot Drop shoes

I was thinking they should invent shoes for Foot Drop that helps lift the sole of ur foot. i have the straps and all but a less of a hassle way would be nice.

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Now, a shoe to address footdrop may be problematic, as you need some way of holding the foot up.
Now, knee-length boots may work………..

yeah but in hot whether? it was just a thouht and dream ha ha

Dreams are a rich environment for new inventions/ideas……

I hot something from a hospital podiatrist that goes in my shoe to stop foot drop. It’s a rigid insole connected to a plastic bar that runs up the front of my leg. so my foot is always kept at a right-angle to my leg.

This is a form of splint, using the leg to hold the foot up. That’s why I suggested a boot would work, i.e. it would hide the upright tensioner.

I guess even with a different shoe with raised sole, you’d still have the footdrop so would probably trip even more
I suffer with this, can be dangerous sometimes! I am currently applying for funding for two Safo’s
these are great, comfortable and really support your ankle
finger crossed!

That’s what FES (functional electrical stimulation) does.

I had a Walkaide Fes (wire less footswitch free) device and found it caused me to go off balance more with the zap it gave
I am sure Safos will really help me and they are really comfortable too, they are even made to match your skin colour! for a year

I didn’t know about safo. Might look into that. Is it easy enough to find shoes to fit safo’s

Hello Lorag

I know Dorset Orthapedic make devices for people all over the world and I understand you are in Australia
Safos are made moulded to your own foot so they probably have people in Aus to do the fitting templates but all the Safos are made in Dorset UK and take around 3 weeks to make
I really recommend them they are not cheap (750.00 each) but if it makes a difference to your life then I think its worth it
I have tried probably most footdrop devices and Safos I feel are the best, they are very comfortable
you can wear them in water and with all shoes I guess long boots with no zips may be a problem!
but then do people wear boots in Aussie heat!!! here is the link if it helps you
do keep in touch if you want any help with these, I have tried them twice and now just awaiting possible funding


Loulou x I have messaged you also

ps Lorag, this company makes Heather Mills false legs! (Paul mcartney’s ex wife beatles)

thanks for the info loulou. wow $750 is a lot of money. But if it helps might just find the money gettingbsick and tired of tripping over amd walking slow cause scared going to trip.

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