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4 months ago

This will repay time spent researching and the assessment/advice of either a physio, an orthotic clinic or both. You won’t know which device will give the best results until your gait has been assessed. There could be other areas of weakness which are affecting your walking. A physio could also advise about Functional Electrical Stimulation, which has the potential to sort drop foot without a standard orthotic. I did FES for eight years – PM me if you want info. There is a lot of potential help out there, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all. And (as so much in MS) you may have to be quite assertive to get the best outcome! x

4 months ago

Hi @bradleystaff, push for a neuro physio assessment. A foot splint may well work, but a physio will be able to assess any muscle weakness elsewhere which might mean other options are better. The FES machine my sister uses has enabled her to have a normal life again. All the best

4 months ago

I was given some lower leg splints with carbon fibre insoles, kept me more upright but, hindered rather than helped my walking as my toes couldn’t really move as they should when I walked (shuffled). Carbon fibre meant to return the force I applied, multiplied to aid my walking, I think.

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