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Foot Drop

Hello All

This is my first time on SHIFT MS but my MS nurse told me about the site.

I was diagnosed in 1998, and have weak muscles, fatigue and numb hands and a numb leg.

On the whole I feel I’ve been able to just get on with my life inspite of MS but in the last few months my left leg has been more heavy and dragging. I’m really beginning to hobble now but the worst thing about it is that my good right foot is becoming very sore, especially on the sole, due to the effects of most of my body weight falling on it.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I am developing thick hard skin on the sole of
my good foot now and it all feels very uncomfortable.

I’d really appreciate any comments from anyone as I am not in contact with anyone
else who has MS.

Thank you.

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10 months ago

Hi @friendlysheep and welcome.

Do you have an MS Nurse? If so, contact them and tell them of the problem and ask for a Neuro-physio assessment.

You need to know what is and isn’t working. The physio will prescribe simple exercises to address any problems.

10 months ago

Hi, I have a splint (which you can’t see) which lifts my foot up ever so slightly, so that I don’t drag it. Neuro physio gave it to me, so you you need to see one,

10 months ago

thank you for these very helpful comments stumbler and robbyk.

I will go back to the MS nurse,

10 months ago

@friendlysheep Footdrop is a pain (quite literally, sometimes!) Definitely ask about FES (functional electrical stimulation). I have a WalkAide

Which is completely brilliant. I only wear it outside the house and can walk far further with it. You can wear normal shoes or even be bare foot. They’re expensive and very few PCTs will fund them. I was able to get mine through Access to Work. If that’s not an option, lots of MSers get a similar product through Odstock:

They hire FES equipment to patients for a monthly fee which includes fitting and check ups.

If none of that is an option then try to go for a splint that doesn’t restrict your natural movement so that you retain as much function as possible. Before I had the FES I had the Dynamic Walk splint, which did a pretty good job and was funded by my PCT:

Good luck finding a solution that works for you!

10 months ago

Contact your ms nurse it does sound you might of had a relapse by my experience but not a professional one. Sorry to here about what you are going through but remember that you are not alone, on this site people can help and advice you. You might need your family to help you in the next few days to help you get back on your feet don’t be ashamed about this, also look at diet because that could help you not relapsing and make you feel better kind regards,

10 months ago

I have foot drop on both sides, and now need wheels. I am entitled to NHS podiatry as I have spasms in my legs that make it impossible to reach my feet. Maybe you would be entitled to podiatry too?

10 months ago

Thank you so much everybody for your most helpful replies.

I rang the MS nurse and as I haven’t seen a Neurologist for about 15 yrs I have asked to see one as well as seeing the feet department people.

It will probably mean an MRI scan if I see a Neurologist she said. At least I can find out what kind of MS I hv and see if there are any medicines to help.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.x

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