chloeautumnx 16/01/18
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Foot drop

Hi, I suffer from bad foot drop in my right leg which means I am falling into a lot of things which is leaving me black and blue. I have an FES machine which is amazing but I do find that the electronic stimulation’s can be a bit much sometimes. I was thinking of alternating between that and an AFO? I’ve seen a carbon fibre one. Thing is, would I need to talk to my medical professionals before purchasing or should I just go ahead? Thanks.

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6 months ago

@chloeautumnx , the NHS can supply these SAFOs, if you can press the right buttons and press the right people.

On another tack, there is a Facebook Group, the MS Gym, which has a series of exercises to address footdrop. It may be worth a look………

6 months ago

Thanks @stumbler.
Is foot drop “curable” or just managed?

6 months ago

@chloeautumnx , it may be possible to open up new neural pathways………

The guy behind the MS Gym, an MSer, I believe, is pretty upbeat about the possibility. But, he would be…………..

You’ve got nothing to lose as most of the videos are “free gratis”………….

PS I really should try some of his stuff myself………. 😕

6 months ago

@stumbler… haha, I see! Thanks 😊

6 months ago

Last year I used to go to physio therapist and she used that muscle stimulator snd sometime it was s bit too much but all of her sctivities suited me snd it was suitsble for my case

She did simple things like what these men do in the vid. Mind u its not just for MS.

6 months ago

@nutshell88 thanks for that video, I had seen others from them but missed that useful one.

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