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5 years ago

I love to cook and like the look of your blog.
Today I made a simple prawn and avocado salad, unfortunately I sliced my finger open in the process and am wearing a plaster as a result. My husband had to finish (under instructions). He did a fine job.
I made a sweet potato and coconut soup yesterday which we had with garlic and herb bread. Yum
Also a chocolate, cream cheese and peanut butter pie has been made and devoured. Yum.
Will look at your blog with interest., thanks. 🙂

5 years ago

Thanks! Always good to share food ideas!

5 years ago

loved the blog… i have never thought of doing individual apple pies… [o doh!] love that idea… currently im on a king prawn rush…. cant get enough of them…. last night did chinese rice and garlic prawns. o that was delish xxx

5 years ago

nice blog, I do not mind cooking, but now I struggle a bit. Since I have been diagnosed (June 2012) I am trying to eat 15gram or less saturated fat a day. I cut red meat totally out of my diet and I am just eating veg and white fish sometimes chicken, but not much. It is quite difficult right now, but I am learning….

5 years ago

I still have the occasional red meat. Last night we had Ahi Steaks. I think ahi is my beef substitute now since beef is so expensive here on the island. I don’t pay much attention to calories or fat, I just try to go with a balanced diet. Many of my stews are really heavy on the veggies and beans, and I try to use organics when I can.

Bubbles, those little mini apple pies are fantastic. EVERYBODY loves those things.

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