hank 31/01/18
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hi i have just heard that i have been accepted on the stage 3 high dose biotin trial for P.P.M.S.
and as part of the trial have been given a fitbit monitor to wear to help measure movement , is anyone else on the trial , and have they had trouble setting up the fifbit ?

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4 months ago

@hank , I’ve got a Fitbit on order. I’ll be using it to analyse my sleep and to kick my butt if I’ve been idle too long.

Which model have you got? I’ll be happy to let you know if I have any problems setting it up.

4 months ago

hi stumbler, i have the fitbit flex, the people at the hospital said have you got a smart phone ?
i replied i have but it isnt set up as a smart phone , i only use it to phone and text . they said have you got a pc it can be set up on a pc just follow the simple instructions. i tried , didnt work, so my son who works on computers all day tried , it didnt work . i then spoke to the fitbit support people on twitter but they couldnt help . i spoke to the people at the hospital who said that a lot of people on the trial across the country were having trouble setting up their fitbits , and to leave it until i went to see them .

4 months ago


I have a Fitbit, different to yours, but I too had an issue once. I found the above community forum, registered,
Posted my problem and had responses the same day. Almost like the msshift equivalent for Fitbit.

I got my Fitbit after I got diagnosised to help motivate me to get out and about. To help track my activity, sleep and even heart rate. It’s been super helpful

Hope you get yours working


4 months ago

@hank , according to the manual, the Fitbit Flex synchronises either by Bluetooth or by using the “wireless sync dongle that came in the box”.

So, does your PC have Bluetooth connectivity, or did you get the wireless dongle?

4 months ago

thanks stumbler, i think my netbook has wireless but have got dongle and plugged in but still no joy i am not brilliant with this tec stuff so have putback in box until later this month when i go back to hospital , also thanks london lad

4 months ago

@hank , I’ll assume that you have the original Fitbit Flex and not the Flex-2.

If I’m correct, this might help you :- https://youtu.be/yB9qDsKOVfg

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