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First post!!!

Hi, not sure where to start.
I’m “diagnosed” just over a year. Relapsing Remitting form of MS. Started on Tysabri straight away as neurologist said I was highly active!!!
I’m doing ok (mostly) with MS diagnosis but just feel so alone at times as don’t want to burden anyone! I work job sharing as nurse, have 2 wonderful girls, 10 & 11, have good friends etc but just feel empty & fearful a lot the time.
I Have wonderful family & friends but l’m too independent, to say I’m struggling, tired or afraid! Does anyone feel like this & how do you overcome these fears. Xxxx

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1 year ago

Everyone feels this way, that is why we’re here so you can share with us when your depressed and we will rant with you when your discouraged and angry. You need to sit down with your friends and family and tell them how you are feeling. They will never understand fully what you are going through unless they have MS. But they don’t even have a chance if you don’t talk to them. I am at war with my MS and fight every battle, this is one of your battles. Potter

1 year ago

@potter is right. We are all on this site, going through the same, some days better than others and you’re better to let it out. No one without MS can understand but give them the chance to try. Here you’ll get the support you need plus cheering news of the latest developments in treatment and the good news is – there’s lots going on the world of MS research at the moment. For me, I find talking about it to friends and family when I want to helps, but mostly I keep a positive front. Keeping active and being occupied helps too. It stops you from unconstructive thoughts. Be strong!!!

1 year ago

Your family and friends are there to support you, so don’t be afraid to talk to them.
The way I always think of it is if the shoe were on the other foot and it was a member of my family who was feeling crappy but didn’t want to “burden” me with it I would want them to come talk to me. It’s ok not to be ok. Who in their right mind gets a diagnosis like MS and is perfectly fine with it?!Nobody!
As a nurse you are probably so used to looking after others that maybe you aren’t used to the idea of needing support from others yourself.

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