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Fire foot

I’m having a relapse right now. It’s been 10 days since I left the hospital from 3 days IV steroids. Fun times! My foot is tingling, numb and burning most of the time. It’s not a new symptom but it’s like 10 times worse right now. I know it will pass (hopefully). Numbness is ok but the burning sensation sucks!!! Anyone else had a foot on fire? How to make it better? I have tried everything I can think of already. Is there a magic “Yeah, do this and you’ll put out the fire”? Kinda desperate here…anything? anyone?

Also, 10 days after treatment. Is it normal for symptoms to flare more right now? I’m calling the neoro tomorrow who’s time is SO fucking valuable that I got to see him for only 5 min while in hospital. It feels to me everytime I relapse (only 3 times so far) like the steroids just piss off the MS more than it helps.

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1 year ago

Hi @jacques11-11-11 and welcome.

I know this symptom only too well. Apart from ignoring it, I take Pregabalin to try and “damp down the flames”.

As far as steroids are concerned, you can get some immediate side-effects, but the benefit of steroids is received over the following 6 – 8 weeks. This is when the steroids assist your body’s recovery. Although, you must allow the body space into which to recover.

Hope this helps.

1 year ago

My previous recovery time was little longer than a month before I noticed positive changes. So im lookong at 6 – 8 weeks for this to heal. I can do that. Don’t want to, but I can! Hahaha. Thanks for your comment. I’m happy I found this place. I feel better already knowing that I can ask and get feedback from people with similar symptoms and actually know how it feels. The neoro has NO idea how I feel. Sometimes I want to strangle that fucker

1 year ago

@jacques11-11-11. I have had ms for a long time with all kinds of symptoms. Just found a new one – burning on the top of my right foot. Even after many years, new symptoms show up. I found that if my husband gives me a good foot rub with lotion it helps. Most of the time I just take a Tylenol and wait for it to pass.

1 year ago

Sounds stupid but try raise your leg above the rest of your body I get it in me hand I just move it above me head and it just fades and passes. Jobs a good en a poor mans fix

1 year ago

I have this issues for some time now. Moths to be precise. Here are my tips and trivks.

Foot bath works. Well, temporarily.

The Real issue comes in with sleep. It’s just impossible some night! On bad days I can’t get asleep without a sleeping tablet knocking me out. There’s just no way!

Things that ease issues with feet that I’ve learned so far:

Hot/cold creams.
Hot creams for muscle pain.
Some cold creams for burn wounds.
Cold or hot foot bath with bubbles.
Soft warm slippers.
A neoprene ankle brace – must he correct size. Wear this under your socks.
Thick fluffy socks at night time. Fan on your feet when sleeping.
Foot rubs from your spouse :))).
Getting your feet up on pillows.

Combine some of these and you’ll be ok!

Better yet, talk to your Nero and get strong pain killers. Pop one, switch on your favourite tv show and try to forget about it while using one or a couple of these methods. You will be ok! I promise. And if that doesn’t work go stand barefoot in the snow for 4 hours. You won’t feel a thing! Hahaha

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