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Finances… car?

I never liked blogs and said I wont be one of those people reading posts after post on a blog. So I was diagnosed with MS 2 weeks ago and ended up on shift trying to understand the disease and living with it. So I am living financially comfortably, a workaholic, been studying this past 12 years obtaining multiple degrees. Perhaps stopped embrasing life and kept on working, trying to look after myself. Always prioritised my money on savings, living simple, enjoyable and using my hard worked money to finance my studies. A week after my diagnoses I decided perhaps I must buy the luxury car I can afford. Not even sure if my cognitive ability will deteriorate and affect my specialised occupation. My heart says I should but my logical mind says no. I want to enjoy a car while I can and not sure if i will end up in a wheelchair. On the other hand I can pay off my old car and use the moeny in the future when I have difficulty living with MS for medical expenses etc. In South africa you can drive a car as long as its roadworhy and dont have an age limit. So my question to all that want to give their opinion is: Do Ms people tend to have financial difficulty (as this disease can disable you) and do people regret not saving enough or using their money more wisely? In South Africa, living on a disability grant is not possible. I have some insurance that will eventually pay out, but I am probably making an emotional decision to buy something I will enjoy. Any opinion is appreciated.

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Hey @donavan, great that you found Shift. From how you write, it seems that you are already processing what’s going on. I can’t tell how long you’ve been having symptoms or waiting for a diagnosis. I’m sure most people would agree that when you stumble upon something huge in life, you need to put a bit of distance between now and making big decisions. I’m not being patronising, I promise. But whether you win the lottery, lose a life partner, or get a diagnosis of a potentially life-changing condition, you need to let the dust settle a bit. It’s so easy to react to your impulses and emotions, but in truth, zoom forward 6 months or a year, you will probably have been through lots of changes, realisations and new patterns of thinking which start to make you see life a little differently. I mean, the car sounds a great idea and if you have the money, why not. But another six months might conjure up something different. Who knows, a bigger, flashier car! But, you might have decided to put work on hold and travel. From your profile, I guess you don’t know the MS type yet, or discussed treatments? It sounds like you’ve worked really hard and set your life up already. My advice, if you’d like it, would be to focus on healthy living, researching treatments, looking at what your support network will look like, take a breather. You will live life to the full, theres no doubt about that. But what that fullness will look like needn’t be something you need to rush into discovering until you’re totally sure of what you want, how you feel, and what your priorities for yourself are. Take care 🙂

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@donavan , MS is no longer the disease is used to be. The progress of MS may be unpredictable, but it can be reduced/halted by the use of one of the present range of Disease Modifying Treatments (DMTs).

Additionally, living healthily, eating healthily and managing/avoiding stressful situations can also slowdown the progress.

So, the car……………

1 week ago

Thing is, you have no idea what the future holds so why put your life on hold? Isn’t it better to live life as it comes rather than the what if?

1 week ago

My response has nothing to do with the fact that you have MS. A car is a depreciating asset. It will be worth less every day. So generally speaking buying a luxury car is an unwise use of money. Also, experiences and not things tend to make people happy. Don’t stop living your life due to MS, but maybe use that money more wisely to do something that will make you happy and who knows – that you may or may not be able to do later in life. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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I totally agree with @mamawals – only a wee bit stronger. A car is just a thing; a depreciating asset.

Friends & memories get us through difficult times; a new car will not. Living life experiencing what we enjoy is the main thing whether we are perfectly healthy of facing a challenge. Whether that is a trip somewhere, getting together with friends, reading a book or whatever – what we enjoy is different for all of us.

Yet I can almost guarantee the new car will give you less than a month of happiness. Then what?

1 week ago

Good evening all. Thank you very much for the comments, opinions and advise. There is truth in each one’s comments.

1 week ago

I was daignosed 2005 finished highschool uni
Moved to uk studied FCE Cambridge
Im originally saudi girl
Financially so comfortable my trive are sort of rich
but no one can trust the future

I’ve never saved a penny but I’ll start saving now
I got a car this year
MS didnt cause any disability in my case
And i hope it never cause you but my advice ignore the fact MS even exist even if you felt it try to distract yourself untill your mind forgets the feeling
Dont stress yourself working
Sleep good and eat healthy

MS is a big deal if we triggered it by our thoughts worries stress overwork

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1 week ago

We are lucky to live in the uk, and have mobility cars if necessary. All adaptions included, knobs on steering wheels, hand controls, driving from wheelchairs etc, are you now or ever likely to be in this position? Personally I think, if you have the money and wherewithal NOW to purchase a new vehicle that will mean for at least 3 yrs (in the uk, first mot after 3 years) you will be totally mobile, able to go anywhere, do anything, won’t matter if you haven’t got friends/family to go with you, you will be able to do it on your own, so I disagree with most of these posts. Your independence means more than anything, ms is such an unpredictable disease, I am 62 and just working my way through my ‘bucket list’ was dxd 25 years ago, and now being on my own and answerable to no one but me I am doing all the things I have been promising myself for years. It’s too late for some things, have to use a mobility scooter/electric wheelchair most of the time. Can’t walk any more, this only happened last yr. wish I had known, but que sera sera, so I say make the most of it NOW. You never know how things are going to go. Do anything and everything you can now just in case😜😍

1 week ago

I’m with Grandma on this, yes peeps say it loses it’s value but it gives you independence and freedom. I have had lots of adventures in the last couple of years with my new car. I’ve been on roadtrips, camping trips with the kids etc…so it depends on what joy you want to get from it.
I like to live in the now rather than the future, I used to be the opposite, saved up for everything didn’t splash out and we hardly did anything and the future I had planned kinda disappeared so now I don’t plan. I don’t have a future backup plan, I don’t save, well you can’t with 2 munchkins and doing it myself but as long as we have food on the table, clothes and a roof over our heads that’s all you need, ok maybe wine thrown in too 😊! Don’t let it stop you doing what you wanna do 😊!

1 week ago

I would predict that the new car WON’T give lasting happiness. That being the case, what would be the financial impact of buying it? If it would prevent other grand schemes, ask yourself if you accept that this will be your one and only project. Reading your post I am absolutely sure that you will manage your MS well. You’ve clearly got an open mind and are full of energy and curiosity. You’ll bring all this to finding ways to cope and to manage your treatment. En route, you’ll change in yourself as you find new things to enjoy and new challenges – the MS bucket list, as it were. That bucket list can’t be constructed until you’re well into treatment and are coping on an everyday basis. Having the flash car may or may not be part of that future, who knows? So if you can buy it now and still have enough for the crazily exciting plans that lie ahead – do it. xx

1 week ago

I’ve had been in scotland for couple of years
And if i were british id save up to buy a house or somewhere to live without paying rent

1 week ago

We rent a luxury car for our vacations, my husband gets the new car bug at least once a year. Renting a luxury car for a week seems to keep the new car bug at bay. After we started doing it friends of ours decided to try it, they love it. We own several older cars that are in good shape and my husband restores muscle cars. So basically we have cars running out of our ears. It is also great for figuring out if this car is right for you, we rented one car my husband really loved. The seat backs were so tall and wide it was hard for him to see, I had to be his second pair of eyes the whole trip. Potter

1 week ago

I guess I did the opposite and went and started my bucket list as soon as I was diagnosed. I just think, if I waited till I was financially secure for the future, I’d never do things.

1 week ago

Get the car 😉

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