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5 years ago

Aw no! Sorry to hear that. I read before that there is a link between auto- immune diseases. As if we haven’t got enough to worry about!

5 years ago

Me too but the diabetes came first and was easier to diagnose. Diabetes UK has some useful info and you might like to look at their website although they’ve nothing like ‘shift’. If you’re facing insulin injects, don’t worry. They are not as painful as Betaferon and have none of the side effects of DMDs

5 years ago

Rotten luck. X

5 years ago

Boo, it stinks having multiple illnesses. You have my empathy.

5 years ago

oh that ain’t fair!

5 years ago

Personally, I just think you’re being greedy, having two conditions! 😉

Tough Break.

5 years ago

Sorry to hear your news xander.

Diabetes seems so prevalent it seems almost as if more people have it than don’t these days.

My understanding of it isn’t too good, i think it means cut down on sugar, apart from that I don’t know much about it.

5 years ago

hey, ive been diabetic for 17years now before being diagnosed with ms, it is a bummer, but diabetes can be controlled and u can take power in doing that yourself, whereas i find ms a lot more difficult, if you dont mind me asking have u been put on insulin?
best of luck and chin up!

5 years ago

I have to do a gtt test to find out what sort of treatment I’ll need so as of yet I’ve no idea what sort of treatment I’ll need I’m just hoping that I can still do the campath trial 🙁

5 years ago

my ex is a diabetic… i agree you defo got to get your head round lots of things.. good luck… thinking of you xx

5 years ago

A friend of mine was dxd with diabetes 15 years ago. She was told she had to lose a lot of weight right away, which she did because she was so scared of everything. Anyway, having done that she was told there was a chance the diabetes could be controlled by diet alone and she’s done that. Not a reducing diet, just (MS-type) low fat stuff, nothing too difficult. I don’t know if she’s the exception to the rule but her diabetes has in no way limited her life, except in the first difficult months when she really was dieting hard.

5 years ago

It’s not generally that easy Cameron. Basically there are two types of diabetes: type one where the insulin producing cells have been knocked out for some reason and you need to take insulin by injection as the stomach acids destroy it and type two where your body is not producing enough insulin or is unable to assimulate it properly. A weight reducing diet can help with type two possibly as if the body is smaller there may be enough insulin to cope or perhaps less food going in to cope with. Tablets can help the assimilation of what insulin there is or alternatively stimulate insulin production. I follow a diabetic diet- low sugar, low fat and plenty of fibre and unrefined carbohydrate in an effort to balance the release of injected insulin with the release of sugars into the blood – and not a low calorie weight reducing diabetic diet. Travelling by plane it can be safer not to mention the diabetes rather than risk going into a coma through too low blood sugar when given a meal with virtually no calories in it! The two types used to be called juvenile onset (treated with insulin) and maturity onset (diet and tablets). Unfortunately as childhood obesity becomes more common type two is now found amongst the young and hence the change of name. Like secondary progressive MS type twos can finish up needing insulin injections and having avoided them for years find life can be much easier with them.
It would be nice to have neither but the MS is generally scarier

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