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Feeling so down!


I feel so down just now! I’m usually a happy person and just get on with things and always make the most of things. But recently i just feel like everybody is doing so well and have loads of great things to look forward to. While I’m happy for them it’s just made me look at what I’ve got going on and it just gets me down.

I’ve been medically redeployed into a not so exciting job and my mobility is being affected by all the stiffness in my legs. I guess I’m just fed up being in this crappy situation.

So I’m just looking for ideas and suggestions to get my head out of this mess!

Thanks for reading xxx

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1 year ago

@avrilt – I know how you feel. I’m feeling the same.
I just feel like what will my life be now? I’m trying lots of things but I’m still a mess in my head space!
I feel lost! It’s been 7 months and I’m still feeling lost and I’m feeling a pressure to “move on” but I can’t , I’m not ready to just accept ms ! , that this thing has come in and just took over my life ! And won’t be ignored! You see stories on here how people have come to terms with it pretty quick or in life and it makes you feel shit!
Well it does me !

Positive I’m with you though! Your not alone ! Maybe not so positive about what to do lol

Rachael x

1 year ago

@avrilt , from time to time, situations will occur that make us look at ourselves and a little voice in our heads nags, “why me?”

Well, the answer the question is because we’re strong enough to deal with it!

But, even though, we are allowed to feel sorry for ourselves. So, have your moment. Regain your sense of perspective and away you go.

And @rachaellouise , just be patient with yourself. This isn’t a race………..

1 year ago

@stumbler – At the moment that’s how my life’s keeps going … feel sad and down then something else pops up and I think let’s try that or could that be useful to look into that – hope !
– patience lol what is that? 😊
💋How are you @stumbler ? Have you recovered from the UTI?
Take care


1 year ago


Work is just work; so we get a paycheck. Why most people define happiness because of a job is beyond me – I have never figured that out. I have held more than 50 jobs in my life; eleven one year in my early 20’s. Seriously!

True happiness comes from friends & family. You can’t pick your family yet you can build relationships with friends; and a partner if you do things right & choose properly.

Everyone is different & I don’t know you; so I can’t help too much. Except to say that you should conduct a serious self analysis of what makes you happy. Analyze your strengths & weaknesses. Find people who are good for you & nurture them – reject everyone who is not.

And stop comparing yourself to others; their facade of happiness is irrelevant…

1 year ago

I’ve been there. I had the worst years of my life 2010 2011 suddenly my i didnt manage to study at uni at all headaches sudden tears comes out my body was deppressed not my mind my body was shocked by the inability it was in distracted my existance marjory.
Hate remembering that i used to look at each weak part of my body and cry asking it why you betray me and yourself.
But i kept going i graduated i felt i needed to change my life as a whole to change who i am and whats in me i lived in the uk 3 years and learned the language im typing with right now hehe English.
Came bk stronger than ever because i managed to make a change non of girls in my age in my family or friends mates managed to do altho they are healthy happy ect
I still suffer stiffened 7 years now maybe
I consider it part of me i think of it as something everyone has hehe it makes me try to do wat they do its kinda easier
Im off treatments never been disabled for longer than couple of weeks
Relapses are rare now maybe one a year or several years
I have a part time job i get minimum wage atm but with disability benefits its higher than all full time workers i wish but i rather not to think about it much no body suffer except me and even ms activity increase by worrying or feeling depressed i hope u feel better soon and sorry for typing much.

Be safe

1 year ago

Sometimes I will be feeling down and I meet someone who is dying from cancer or something. I thing why am I being such a whiner feeling sorry for my self. Yesterday my sister called she hadn’t called for a while because she was feeling down. Her best friend was spending of her time with her new boyfriend and my sister had gained some weight. I told her she might feel better if she traded places with me. I had a relapse three days before Christmas and half my body went numb. Before I got over the relapse I got the flu and was very sick. It is no fun to have the flu went you can’t control your bowel because it it numb. Since then I have exacerbations daily. Last night I couldn’t sleep the other side of my body was tingling and going numb. Seem to be alright this morning so I got up and had my husband take me out for breakfast. I am going to live a good life every moment I can and not dwell on what the future might hold. Potter

1 year ago


Thank you for all your replies. I guess I just get a bit fed up with things at times. I know what your saying @edmontonalberta that work is just a means to an end. I guess it just gets to me as my job involved working with people constantly and helping them and making a difference to their lives. Plus I was in a great team and I do miss the banter we all had. I just feelat the moment that it doesn’t really matter if am at work now in that it doesn’t really make a difference and I pretty sure no one would notice if I wasn’t there. Which is fine but I feel work takes up all my energy so by the time I’m back home there is just nothing left for the fun stuff.

I’m sure your right as [email protected] that this is just a blip and things will improve again, I mean they have to. I’m sure things will get better for you [email protected] thanks for making me not feel like the only one.

@nutshell thank you for sharing that story, you sound like you are doing really well.

@potter I know what you mean, need to make the most of the good times. I guess I just feel like I have let people down in some way. I feel sort of guilty for bringing this crap into my friends and families life.

But thank again for listening, I don’t like sharing feeling low with people as I tend to find most don’t really understand and I don’t want to upset anyone.


1 year ago

@avrilt , never feel guilty for having MS!

You never asked for MS and you certainly never invited it in. So, expel that thought. 😉

1 year ago


“my job involved working with people constantly and helping them and making a difference to their lives. Plus I was in a great team and I do miss the banter we all had”…

That’s me – 100%… Except I made sure I always had fun away from work & my volunteering. So when MS restricted my energy, I cut back on that stuff so long as I was able to still fish, play ball, keep my wife happy, etc… It is like a financial budget – when short of money, cut back on movies, dining out, etc – make sure the rent is paid… 😉

I guess I am suggesting you figure out what you can sill do that you enjoy; what makes you happy. You may have to cut back on helping others; but it does not mean you have to quit. Just budget accordingly. And good luck.

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