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feeling overwhelmed

Hello all,
I am wanting to treat this holistically can anyone tell me if they are treating their ms that way and with what I need all the info I can get please…have been dizzy for a couple years now not knowing why and recently have had a couple “attacks” is what i call them muscle weakness in the legs and burning all up the left side of my leg and back most horrible feeling ever to say the least along with the right side arm and leg cramping up like I’m having a seizure ended up at the ER last night scared to death with a second flare up the first was 2 days ago…MRI showed lesions on my brain seeing a neurologist tomorrow they want to do a spinal tap so haven’t been fully diagnosed but….I am 55 so don’t know what type I have? can anyone shed some light for me found this all out early this morning after the MRI..thx in advance for responding

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9 months ago


Hi there – im relatively new to ms too. Diagnosed July last year .
I would say do all the research you can but be kind to yourself and take it at a steady pace as it is a lot to take in. Easier said than done when your panicking .
Take your time try to choose a dietary protocol . I am following Dr Terry wahls.

Make lifestyles changes eg mediate daily.
Exercise . Someone to talk to would be good such as a counselling coach . Someone neutral . Try have laughter if you can such as funny programmes/ films
Sleep lots and rest lots . Take plenty of vitamin d3 and make sure you are in high end of range 150nmol – 200nmol
Try to look at managing stress .

Be kind to yourself most of all because it is a lot to take in. I’m still finding it hard .

Rachael x

9 months ago

Thank you Rachael…I consider myself pretty healthy I am a organic whole food eater have been for the last 9 years that is why this is such a blow to me as to how the heck did I get this? :'( …Obviously it has been over time of course I know nothing yet about it till I meet with the neurologist tomorrow…I hope alot of my questions will be answered as the emergency doc could only tell limited info…thank you again for all your suggestions I will definelty incorporate them in what I do…I pray you are doing well your pic doesn’t look like you are very old…take care I will try to update what I find out…and yes I have been combing the internet for info nonstop and it is definetly overwhelming for sure!

9 months ago

Hi @helpunderstanding and welcome.

Right, first off, stop combing the internet. Self-diagnosis is never a good idea and Dr Google will locate all manner of out-of-context stories, which will blow your mind.

As far as holistic management, there several suggested diets, each with their fans and advocates. Here is one such holistic approach that may interest you :-

It is suggested that this lifestyle does incorporate specific MS treatments, but it’s worth a read.

Good luck with your Neurologist. You won’t get answers yet, but you have started the process of getting an explanation. 😉

9 months ago

Hello @helpunderstanding, sorry you are going through all of this. I understand what it’s like to be a certain age and find yourself facing something like this, with no apparent warning. I understand that it’s very worrying. But, at this stage, all the worrying and dietary changes in the world are not going to change whatever is going on, or has gone on.

Make and keep a list of symptoms, and try to cast your mind back to any other strange symptoms which might have been indicators. The lumbar puncture should provide some answers along with a battery of blood tests which I assume you’ve had.

There is lots of support for you on this site so I’m glad you’ve found it. It’s also great that you are in the system so quickly. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Look after yourself, give yourself some treats. x

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