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7 years ago

Hi Lou,

Wjay do you mean when you say you’re feeling off balance? I’ve had a few occasions of unbalanced feeling, but they happend about five years ago, predisagnosis. Mine tended to get worse ove a few weeks, hung around for longer than they were welcome, but then they would go away again, fairly ‘standard’ ms shenanigans.


7 years ago

The brain balances you by obtaining details from three senses:- the view from the eyes, the ears and the feedback from the feet/legs.
So, if one of these sensory inputs is a bit off, then balance will suffer.

7 years ago

im always off balance and falling over, need to get to the gym to do summin about my legs, dont want them to waste away

7 years ago

Hi Gav
I can be just standing and I will find myself falling backwards, when walking around the house I have to hold onto things alot! I use a Walkaide foot stimulator and if Im feeling off balance sometimes it throws me off balance even more when it zaps my knee!

6 years ago

I find that each morning I am off-balance for a couple reasons.. It’s dark when I wake up so my senses are not grounding myself and my body temperature is high which causes the light-headedness and off balance feeling upon changing positions from lying to standing.

6 years ago

i feel drunk and giddy all the time and is one of the reasons i gave up work.

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