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Feeling 'normal' a thing of the past?

I was diagnosed in June this year following a bout of optic neurisis which has persisted despite me being on my third course of steriods (joy of joy). New symptoms have presented like numbness in my face, lips and right arm which has led to my burning my mouth and damaging my hand without realising (have bought little pen thermometer now so I can test food and drink) and a memory that makes me feel like I am 100 years old with dementia sometimes? I just want to know, is it normal for us MSers to have constant little niggly symptoms that get worse when we are tired/stressed or will there ever be a day again when I just feel ‘normal’ (in inverted commas because what is normal anyway right?).

Feeling depressed and my family, thought I love them, just don’t seem to get is…probably my own fault as I am carrying on as ‘normal’ when I really don’ feel it 🙁

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4 years ago

@sheiabah , to answer your question, yes, you can have little niggly symptoms that play up when you’re tired/stressed. Use it as a warning indicator from your body that you’re over-doing it in some way, shape or form!

But, you’re so new to all this, so you’re on a fairly steep learning curve. Obviously, your family aren’t keeping up, but this is a known problem, as the only people who really understand MS are those with MS.

Don’t give up on your family just yet. They need educating just like you do. Have a look at the MS Trust’s publications, , and see if they might have something to help you and your family.

4 years ago

Thanks @stumbler I am definitely on a steep learning curve, I have been trying to keep going as if nothing has changed and I am starting to realise I just can’t do that. That link helped, I read it through with my better half and I know he is trying so we will get there. It is just so frustrating and a bit depressing at the moment (feeling tearful today as I seem unable to form a coherent sentence out of my mouth probably more because of numb face, can type it ok tho). Places like really help and I am so grateful for this site and people like you 🙂

4 years ago

@sheiabah , you’re resently on an emotional rollercoaster ride, whic is a normal reaction to a diagnosis of this magnitude.

It’s been documented that this journey will take you through several emotional phases :-

1. Shock and Denial
2. Pain and Guilt
3. Anger and Bargaining
4. Depression, reflection, loneliness
5. The upward turn
6. Reconstruction and working through
7. Acceptance and hope

And, it’s not a direct journey either, as you can loopback and revisit phases already visited. The journey can take a year or more.

You can probably spot where you are at present….. 😉

Continue you thirst for MS knowledge, as knowledge is power. The Internet is a wonderful resource, but do use creditable sources, e.g. the MS Trust and the MS Society. There are too many horror stories around, which are totally out of context.

And, throw any questions in our direction. We discuss most things regarding MS, from the practical to the intimate. We can all be as anonymous as we like, so that avoids any potential for embarrassment!

4 years ago

[email protected] I too was dxd in June so I’m going thorough similar things as you are but numbness and tingling in legs and burning sensation in my back I went to a meeting at Salford Royal getting to grips with MS for those dxd for the first time I found these websites good met the guy who opened these sites and facebook page also private positve about ms where you can ask questions as well. I found them really interesting.

Lina x

4 years ago

I think we all just need to find a new normal, and I feel like there are days I’d never know the last 8 months happened, any of my issues or anything, but then there are days I feel like I won’t ever remember how it would feel to be back there.

4 years ago

Things will calm down hopefully when some drugs kick in. Keep telling people how you feel and don’t try to hide it. No one can see how we feel, so we do need to let them know how weird our world is, it isn’t weakness, we all need all the help we can get. I am only just under two years into diagnosis and it will never be how it was before, but there is a new normal, that can be fun, so hold on in there and keep talking – big hugs!

4 years ago

@sheiabah I’m with all these guys, talk about it on here if no where else that’s what I do and it’s how I’m managing. I get days where I think what did I ever used to feel like and it’s kinda hard to remember but u learn to deal with what’s going on and realise this is the new normal. I was diagnosed just over 9 months ago, and just like tabbycat says stuff will calm down and you will start to feel okay again in yourself. Give yourself time. Time is the healer 🙂

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