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Feeling much brighter could you too ?

I felt super down. Burst into tears at the slightest thing and my beloved partner said he felt like he was living with a stranger!
Reluctantly I spoke to my GP about happy tablets, as I called them, and they have had a miraculous affect!
I’m not running jumping climbing trees but I do feel happy for the first time in a long time.
Best of all my partner says he feels like he knows me again!
I am not so fatigued anymore. It’s great!

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1 year ago

Thanks for sharing your good news, @jl0ates . 😉

1 year ago

Glad you feel brighter! I have decided to wean myself off citalopram I started in June because they made me feel a bit emotionally numb but I welcomed that at the time. Good luck with the happy pills, I may be rejoicing you one day if things get too much😁

1 year ago

Hi! I need some of these too!
Can you share name to ask my gp?
Really happy they work for you!

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1 year ago

As I have said before, we all can feel down just because of the ms, happy pills work and you can always wean yourself off them slowly when the time is right

1 year ago

Such good news because it means you can start building new, happy memories. xx

1 year ago

So glad you found something that works for you!
I found a few things that work for me. I’ll share…
– orange blossom water. I spray a Neroli water on my face and I feel fresh and happy. I use one that I got from Fairmont hotel. They sell it online and I try to get it on sale.
Also have a Jo Malone orange blossom scent. Orange blossom or Jasmine flower soap is also a mood lifter.
– I frequently pet sit my son’s dog. Animals make your heart sing.
– fresh garden flowers in a vase.
– make plans with friends- mostly on a moments notice cause I would be having a good day.
– Volunteer helping a neighbour. I get so much joy from this!! And they are there for you when you are not at your best.

1 year ago

@vees – your post put me in mind of a friend who is newly back from Nepal and shared some of their beauty secrets. Two things: add a couple of drops of glycerine to your moisturiser – it feels incredible! Then, splash rosewater on your face after you’ve done this. She gave me containers of both she’d brought back so am using them – and then suddenly realised that of course you can get both glycerine and rosewater in the baking section of supermarkets – and they’re very cheap. No need to buy fancy brands, I’ve concluded.

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