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feeling let down..?

this past week has been really differcult after having repeative infections and feeling nothing but overwelming thoughts & fears its been a rough week by far not the best way to start the new year! trying to stay postive anyone else got advice on any advice i could do to make things seem less heavy?
thanks larissa x

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2 years ago

And again 🙂

I’m in the same boat, it’s been a very difficult Xmas period and the last week was horrible, too!

And these are the strategies I have tried to use and are showing some positive effect:
– Kalms tablets (hops, valerian, gentian) to help with sleep, if you’re UK based, try to get some of them
– basically I’ve got an audio book or radio on pretty much all night so I listen to that instead of freaking out, which in turn helps me to sleep
– started on the recommendation from and started meditating again – using the ‘headspace’ smart phone app
– got in touch with my local NHS service that helps with anxiety and depression – not sure what they are called elsewhere (it’s not the adult mental health team, something ‘below’ that level of intervention, I suppose)

There was also a thread on here a couple of days ago and it discussed alcohol. Now, I’m kinda t-total but on one very bad day a little bit of cider did help to calm me down. The thing is that probably the thoughts and fears play a huge part in bringing you down, so trying to work on these could be a good start.

Do you also feel like your world sometimes is so very, very small and boring? I’ve basically been occupied with my physical symptoms and the worries about them for the last month and it’s just not a very interesting place to be in, let alone pleasant.

These days I sometimes want to scream at all those young women who constantly fret about their weight and diets to just get over themselves and enjoy all the things their bodies can actually DO. Feels such a waste of time now to ever have worried about looks!

Big hug and feel better soon, if you can reclaim your head space, that’s already half the battle won!
thoughtfultraveller xx

2 years ago

Hello lovely. It sounds like you are feeling really down at the moment. It can be overwhelming – please believe me that this too will pass
. It is okay to feel down and depressed so give yourself a break chick.
It’s okay to have a duvet day in front of the fire watching funny movies. I’d venture that this would probably do you more good than chasing around trying to speak to an MS nurse, just know that this is your bodies way of saying enough already.
Sometimes the energy involved in being excited and happy does have a payback – this does pass and you have to believe that.
So what can help? I’ll give you my tuppence worth but it won’t be conventional.
I do things that make me feel a little bit happier in the short term.
Perhaps you could distract yourself thinking about some things that puts a smile on your face. I can’t tell you what helps me.
Being with my children/any children. That ability to stay in the moment is priceless and mastering mindfulness really does help I think
You probably feel like being on your own – I know I do a lot.
If you can muster up the energy for playing your favourite music – then do so, if you can manage a wiggle about the kitchen – Then go for it !
you must have a favourite tune that makes you feel happy?
this is also good for if you really need to go somewhere and need to generate a bit of energy. Hi energy happy tunes raise your vibration or energy level a little I think.
Sometimes I just lie on the bed and listen to the words – a sort of musical Meditation
. Distraction is the key if you feel really bad, so I would also advocate just totally distracting yourself with junk. Whether that be a Disney film or an Xbox game – or making a glittery picture, just do what ever distract you in the short term.
And when the thoughts overwhelmed, just remember that this too will pass.
I am a magic and sparkle type of girl – The mind is a powerful thing and much underrated.
Reality is they are perception. So for me, reading inspirational books for listening to inspiring ted talks, also help me. I recommend chronic resilience – if you google it should come up.
I also look after myself with good food like creamy hot chocolates and super smoothies. I make sure I take an extra dose of vitamin d that I don’t know why this always helps me.

Sometimes we just have to except what we can’t change and make the best of it. If you can take a few days off life then more power to you.
Watching funny movies in front of The fire, eating yummy food and finishing the day with a handful of vitamins and a guided meditation, after a good stretch with some soothing music, always helps me to wake up the next day feeling a lot better
. I hope that you too soon and if in doubt about how to proceed, just think about how you would treat your best friend if she told you how bad she was feeling. You would make her bed for her and make her a meal and distract her with humour and maybe even a glass of wine? You have to learn to treat yourself like your own best friend I think.
It might also help to plan a small treat for yourself, so that you have something to look forward to – what about a blowdry or getting your nails done for having lunch out? You are not selfish or lazy – you are just looking after yourself. Don’t ever feel helpless, It’s the little things that count when the Sun goes behind the clouds. But sure as night follows day, the sun always comes back out Sending hugs

2 years ago

I get the same way when I have a infection that keeps coming back, I don’t use any meditation or medicine, I just give myself a good talking to. I tell myself that everything is going to be alright it always is, that I will beat this infection and the sun will be brighter. Sometimes I get a little bitter then I tell myself “Shit happens to everyone sooner or later”. Potter

2 years ago

Take what suits you out of all the advice given! The most important thing is,it will pass.
Don’t ever feel on your own with this,as this site is here to support you through the tough times x

2 years ago


I recommend mindfulness meditation. Honestly, before I was diagnosed I also had depression, it wasn’t related to the ms it was just something that was there due to how I lived. After diagnosis, the fact that I then also had ms didn’t help. But the meditation has helped by miles and I’d recommend it to anyone. I used to think that meditation was just people sitting quietly and relaxing. But it’s actually learning to recognise your minds habits. Then understanding and gradually retraining them.

When you begin to understand how your own mind really operates, you can learn to just ‘switch off’ negative emotions as soon as they start, and throw them away. You recognise them early, stop them from escalating, and shut them down because they are useless to you. Depression is now a thing of the past, and it leaves you more focussed on taking care of yourself.

There are a ton of guided mindfulness meditation resources on youtube, I use Joseph Goldstein –

But a handy channel too is The enthusiastic bhuddist, it breaks down a lot of info for you…

Like I said there are loads though. 🙂 I hope this is helpful for you.

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