5 years ago
feeling fuzzy

on my 3rd consecutive day and night where my whole body including face are tingly and fuzzy, feels really weird and restless, don t know where to put myself . can keep myself busy during the day but had no sleep now for 3 nights, am usually tired anyway but officially knackered! has anyone had this and if so got any tips to get sleep, ease it or get rid of it, driving me mad, ta x

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I’ve had sensations of feeling like I have spider webs on my face…like that? It has never interrupted my sleep though. I’m not sure what you can do for it. It has never lasted for more than a day with me…maybe you should let your neuro know, especially if it persists. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help. 🙁

thanks, saw him fri and wrote it in my file and didnt really say anything other than it happens!!

I know it’s not the same but I get electric shock feelings in my face occasionally when I’m stressed. My physio tells me to go and have a massage then come back and eat chocolate and drink red wine! According to her, these transitory symptoms are caused by a build up of cortisol in the body which only start going down when the body and mind are totally relaxed. The treatment works for me! All the best.


I also get a fuzzy feeling in my face as well. Drives me crazy when its super noticeable. I get hardcore electric shocks in my legs too. Haven’t been able to find anything to help it go away other then just wait it out…which is less then desirable.

ta x drugged myself up last night so have had a bit of sleep. thinking of trying acupunture, abyone had that?


I’ve been meaning to do acupuncture for quite a while. I’ve talked to a few friends who have said it does wonders for stress relief and pain relief.

Getting this feeling ALOT recently. Driving me crazy, especially at night, definately relate to the spiderweb across the face feeling. Along with a ‘fizzy’ feeling all up my right side, i feel like im itching from head to toe 🙁 are there any meds that can treat this? My nose is actually getting sore now as I’m constantly trying to scratch what appears to be a phantom itch!!!!

My left arm has been on the verge of pins and needles for a few months now and goes very prickly even when the other hand has just been resting on it. I know just how difficult this makes sleeping for me, so I can only imagine how bad it must be if you multiply it. Sometimes you find the perfect position but know that you will roll over as soon as you fall asleep and wake up prickling.

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