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Feeling down

I’ve only been diagnosed since Christmas so had alot to take in and comes to terms with it.
I’m always tired and the moment coming off steroids, had a really. Emotionally low day yesterday and was told by friends that I need to go and see a doctor because I’m depressed. Am I not allowed to be low?
I’m handling this all alone
Should say I am a single mum off 3 young kids
Do other people get like this or should I worry

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3 months ago

Hi @emma_divall_was_dobie and welcome.

Accepting the diagnosis of a condition like MS can be depressing. It’s important that we can also address our mental health by getting our thinking going in the right way.

It might be worthwhile having a chat with your GP regarding a short course of anti-depressants, to take the edge off things, whilst you process this diagnosis.

There’s a fair few of us that see anti-depressants as part of our long-term toolkit.

3 months ago

Morning. It is a lot to take in. I’ve had it 26y now, so sometimes I am trying to recall the early days.

Depression is not at all uncommon in MS. Your GP is indeed your first port of call. The NHS can suffer from a degree of disconnect at times so v important that you also talk with your MS nurse and keep them in the loop with what is going on and how the GP is treating it. They may also pitch in with suggestions and they are your informal shortcut to the neurologist. The importance of the MS nurses must not be underestimated as the experienced ones will have a really good idea of what is happening.

There is just being pissed off and down, completely understandable, and clinical depression.

Chin-up and be sure to make the professionals your first port of call. The amount of unsolocited well-meaning ‘help’ and ‘advice’ you’ll get is astonishing.

Best of luck.

3 months ago

Coming off th steroids made me so depressed. I cried more in that month than my entire life. Give yourself all the time you need. Youre not alone, there’s a whole community here of people that “get it”

3 months ago

I’m a single working mum 2 kids, I went to see a councillor even before I was recently been diagnosed with ms, i was so down i do think its one of the symptoms anyway. Its so hard to juggle school runs housework, etc then fitting in more mri scans next month and a bladder test, taking time of work for that as well!!. Its exhausting. I’ve only recently been coming to terms with it. I’m all about wellbeing and self care listening to my body as well now.

When I was in hospital he didn’t want to give me steroids he said the cons out weigh the pros?? But message me if you need to chat your not alone!! X

3 months ago

Hello @emma_divall_was_dobie, well, that was a rubbish Christmas present! Everything you describe is something we will all recognise. This is an overwhelming period of time, I promise that there is a way through and that you will find it, as everyone on Shift has done. I will be t will time some time to find a sense of balance and of understanding this new way of being. I would say if probably took me about a year, including a period of recovery from the first bit bout of relapse that led to diagnosis. Steroids play havoc with the body as you are finding. But again, this will improve with a bit of time. For now and until things start to normalise, don’t fret or be concerned with mapping out future things, concentrate on getting through each day and on small steps and achievements. Eat well, have early nights, exercise wisely. You will be OK, you need to work out what your support network looks like. Ask speak to your GP about your depression and anxiety. Lots of love x

3 months ago

I’ve never taken steroids yet. Since we didn’t know what my attacks were I missed when the steroids were effective. I have been fatigued for a few years now. Or maybe it just feels like years. lately I finally feel like I can do things again which is fantastic. Listen! You for sure can have a low day! Especially if your mood is being altered by something that’s ripping through your body. I just got diagnosed in January so I can also tell you how overwhelming it is to try and explain what you are going through when others don’t understand. Some times in those cases I either explain or I just leave it cause they aren’t ready for that journey yet. You got this!!!

3 months ago

My ms nurse has always said that anyone with ms to deal with needs a small dose of anti depressants just to deal with normal everyday life. I was really bad a few years ago, both the ms and big family problems, was on 40 mg a day, but have now got it down to 10mg, which is the smallest amount of any anti-depressant, but I have purchased a ‘pill’ splitter, and in fact only take 5mg a day! I’m quite proud of myself, and don’t worry about addiction, we all need all the help we can get in any form so don’t be afraid to ask for it, in any form it comes, and give it a go😜🥊

3 months ago

I would second what others have said, how you are feeling is a completely natural reaction to what you’ve been through. Nobody should expect you to NOT feel low, in my opinion. But it is a good idea to talk to your nurse or GP, so that you can get any support that might help. I don’t have anything particularly to add over what the others have said but I just wanted to reply because I understand how hard it is getting this news with young children. When I was diagnosed what got me down the most was I couldn’t follow a lot of the advice about taking it easy, I just didn’t have that choice and I’ve only got 1 toddler! But now I realise that it’s my daughter who’s actually helping me stay on track, stay stong and healthy. I think you are doing an amazing thing, by keeping going every day, and you deserve any support that’s available to help you do that . Best wishes xxx

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