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1 year ago

Anxious123, just saw your post. First day back at work is the pits….I’m retired but I remember it well. Do not despair – we are all with you, summer is on the way. We all have bad nights. The bloody brain kicks in! I try reading until I fall off my book – asleep.
maybe you’ll wake up tomorrow felling a lot better. I really hope so. Don’t let the bugger get you down. You are not alone!!!

1 year ago

@anxious123 , you need to stop worrying about things that may never happen. Life is a journey from cradle to grave. So, if we over-think it too much it can get worrying.

Live for the day. We can all handle the future when it arrives.

1 year ago

The ‘song’ Wear Sunscreen’ always makes me laugh, & I think that bit were it says it’s not the things you worry about that hurt you, it’s the things that blind side you without you seeing them, is soo true. Plan for the worst & hope for the best! Hope you feel better soon.

1 year ago

I recently told my husband I feel like I ruined his retirement. He has to retire later because he has to work so we can have good health insurance. When he retires our travel will be limited and he has to more house work and take care of me. He told me it is something that is out of my control, it could have happened to him. You never know what the future brings, he could get hit by a bus the next day. There is no way out you just have ride the roller coaster of life. Potter

1 year ago

Thanks everyone i just feel so lost at moment but coming on here gives me hope for the future.

1 year ago

I’m pleased I don’t work a Wednesday so it didn’t feel as bad going back to work today for me. Just pleased there’s another bank holiday at the end of the month!!
Everyone’s right just focus on the here and now. In some ways having the MS makes me appreciate life more than a lot of people I know. I try and find something to smile about everyday.xx

1 year ago

hi there, be well, be cool and be calm, shitty moments pass and life gets better. You are never alone if you keep in touch on this page. Sleep is so vital and I don’t blame you for feeling emotional when you get none. Put your feet up when you get home tomorrow and have a bar of chocolate or a beer and relax. I worried myself sick about the future and I forgot to enjoy the present. We will all be grand, don’t worry, there’ no point 😊

1 year ago

You could be talking about me i had mild pain at the weekend until monday and it returned with a vengeance. The nights are horrfic for me i take pain meds in the middke of the night every night pick up my kindle and say i will get through this ,dont getne wrong I cry too about the future and what ifs .but its about getting to the next day try and stay strong thats all you ca do

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