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fed up!

Has anybody since diagnosis has had a extreme reaction to gnat bites? I say gnat but I don’t know… I got two bites on my leg about 6 weeks ago during the night! They came up like horse fly bites. Huge lumpy things. (sorry) yesterday ive been bitten again on my left arm which I originally thought I had been stung by stinging nettles doing the gardening.. Now my left arm looks like it belongs to pop eye. Its inflamed, solid and swollen. Both my arms are causing me angst. I have got stiffness and pain in my right arm.. Ive had headaches all week. Tingling in my face, and trouble with my throat as if something is stuck there.. Ive got a GP appointment in two weeks where I’m gonna off load all of this, just wondered if this is average for ms? O and dizzy spells and the occasional wobbly walk.. O my don’t I sound great. Thanks for reading my woes xx

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3 years ago

@bubblesgalore , we have compromised immune systems, which means they don’t work properly.

These bites aren’t being tolerated by you very well and your immune system has been kicked off to fight the infection. But, our immune system will also start “exaggerating” our MS symptoms too!

It’s called a “pseudo exacerbation” because it’s not a relapse. It only lasts until we get rid of the infection, then it should calm down again.

It’s ridiculous that you have to wait a fortnight to see your GP. You’ll probably be over it by then. in the interim, pop in and see your local chemist and see what they recommend.

3 years ago

Stumbler your ace. Will chat to chemist. Mwah mwah xx

3 years ago

Funnily enough, I had exactly what you describe on my recent cruise holiday. What looked like three bites, but came up as lumps, then more lumps nowhere near the bites. Then pain, redness, swelling. When the pain actually woke me up at night I got in a panic because I wondered if it could be shingles (a possible side effect of Gilenya) so off I went to the ship’s doctor. He said he was puzzled, that it was nothing obvious, definitely not shingles but that it could be the combination of sunburn, bites plus an allergic reaction. He gave me ibuprofen and antihistamine. After one dose, the redness started to disappear – all gone in three days. Phew! Have you tried antihistamine?

3 years ago

I once had a very bad reaction to flea bites (my landlady’s cat!) Spoke to a pharmacist and he was brilliant – so yes, go see a chemist. I think a lot of Boots stores now have a little room set up so you can speak to a chemist in confidence 😉
Sonia x

3 years ago

Thank you for the comments.. Considering this is the third time that this has happened I feel a bit daft that I didn’t take anti histamine straight away. my friend mentioned the anti histamine last night so I took some, and this morning it does appear to have gone down. It’s less angry now but the swelling is subsiding. I guess that’s a med that’s in my possession all the time now. Thank you… I’m not being over the top with this after all xx

3 years ago

Hello fed up – you sound like me! I am new on here waiting for my MRI results tomorrow eek. Strange I have had the exact same reaction to bites, they never used to so I got worried I got bitten by something bad. I had a tetanus shot for a bite on my hand and my whole arm swelled up and was hot and itchy with hives for about 3 days. Then I got bitten on my elbow by something and that swelled up and was hot, itchy & sore. I have all the same symptoms you have also – I find if I walk around a corner I end up bumping into it. Keep your chin up, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that this happened to x

3 years ago

Same thing happened to me, couple of small bites turned into huge issues, I still have the scars! I never used to react this way

3 years ago

Hi All,

Sorry to hear about the reaction to your megabug bites. My other half is an entomologist and regularly gets bitten & stung by the beasties he works with. Over the past two or three years, he has reacted in a very similar way to how you describe yours, @bubblesgalore .
In the UK, we are now seeing different species of mosquito & midge breeding successfully and establishing themselves here. These may well be the beasties responsible for the megabug bites, rather than anything to do with our own immune systems overcooking it.
Antihistamines all the way! Keep some antihistamine cream/itch relief in the cupboard during the coming months.
Hope it goes away soon.

3 years ago

If Im going on holiday somewhere I’m likely to get bitten I take a course of hay fever and allergy relief tablets- Çetirizine Hydrochloride before and during the holiday. They do seem to damp down any allergic reactions and were suggested by a chemist. The Boots version is cheap and easy to pick up.

3 years ago

Just to be the opposite. I never get bits, mossys gnats non of them touch me. They eat everyone around me, must be the brut,, lol

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