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Hi all, again sorry if this subject has been discussed to death. I am still unsure of what I should class as ms fatigue. As lots of us I am working mum and my two are under 6 and i am shattered – people helpfully comment I would be shattered as well! Not helpful. Other friends with ms say when fatigued they can do nothing, I am often very tired and will fall asleep on the sofa about 8.30. If anyone can help with some clarification, have looked at fatigue help sheet from ms society but feel no clearer. Any help will be welcomed. Jo.

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5 years ago

As we all suffer from this the only thing i can suggest are ways to keep your energy for longer.
1. Try not to eat large meals. eat small amount often.
2. Low pressure(weather wise) makes you feel heavier. Do strenuous things when the sun is shining.
3. Have a good exercise regime.
I am still looking for more ways to beat fatigue.

5 years ago

@jojo75, the MS Trust have a booklet entitled “Living with Fatigue”. It’s available to read online or you can request a copy:-
Hope it helps a bit. 🙂

5 years ago

I have that MS Trust booklet, it is really helpful!… I get so tired so easily and feel every part of me is made from lead weights but I can’t ever sleep…. It’s so annoying!

Hope you get some relief soon 🙂 …. I do find trying to manage little things at a time during the day and not trying to do everything at once helps! Also make sure you’re topped up enough with vitamins etc…


5 years ago

Also see your GP, have a bloodtest for thyroid deficiency. THAT can make you feel soooo lacking in energy. However has to be said, 2 kids under 6….is also a recipe for no energy.
They are so demanding at that age! It will get better.
Do they have a nap? Try crashing when they do. Or better yet if they in playgroup or nursery, snatch an hours kip.
The washing up etc can wait. Your no good to anyone if you can’t keep eyes open.

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