tonyray75 24/02/18
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Hey gang…. has anyone ever experienced a fainting experience during a relapse? The other night I passed out cold in my kitchen. Hit my jaw pretty hard on the floor when I fell. I had been feeling sluggish that entire day. Anyway… i read that sometimes that happens during a relapse. I haven’t been able to take my copaxone for 2 months because BCBS ins keeps denying it. So i was just worried about the fainting happening again.

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3 months ago

@tonyray75 , MS can cause fainting, dependant on where the MS damage is in your brain.

Whether this can be caused by specific relapse activity is a question for your Neurologist.

3 months ago

I had bad fainting fits years ago when I was first diagnosed. That was the clue that I was relapsing big time. Being on the Avonex made a big differns at the time. I still feel woozy at times but have learnt to go and sit down quickly. Hope this helps.

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