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Eye pain

Hi all,

I’ve had Optic Neuritis and double vision in 2014, my first MS symptom. Both now have since recovered and I can see normally. Although not a double vision or an ON symptom, I seem to have something that is lingering and probably left over. On days when I’m stressed, overworked or tired, I get a nasty eye pain inside the eye. It also gets to water if I read or concentrate. This is on the same eye which has had the ON and double vision. It stays a whole day until I’ve had a good night sleep. I was wondering if anybody can relate to it and have taken steps to alleviate this.


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1 year ago

@arknat , it is quite customary with MS for our symptoms to “grumble” when we do things that upset the MS.

It’s the way our body speaks to us. We should always listen to what our body is saying and adjust our circumstances accordingly.

1 year ago

i have exactly (well, pretty much exactly) the same thing. muscal eye pain which then mophed into double vision was one of the first symptoms that I experienced before being diagnosed. while that was sorted by a strong dose of steroids, stress/tiredness/anxiety does cause it to creep back. havent had the double vision bit since, but the muscular pain bit is pretty common. work stress, new kid and MS really dont mix sometimes.

not sure if any of thats helpful, but sometimes its nice to know that you’re not alone with symptoms, right?


1 year ago

Thanks @stumbler, @willglasgow

Helpful to know it can be expected. Guess it is what it is .. An incomplete recovery as with RRMS. New normal.

1 year ago

I used to get eye pain when I was tired and over used my eye. I then discovered David Weber Seeing Clearly. He teaches you ways to relax the optic nerve – it this has helped my so much. When I get the pain I do his meditations and the go away. Sounds a bit woo hoo but its really helps me

1 year ago

@taraking – Interesting. Once the pain starts, I’m useless. It really does take a good amount of time for it to subside. Will look it up.

1 year ago

I’ve had that periodically too. Usually in direct relation to stress – I remember once I accidentally dumped a cup of hot coffee (thankfully not too hot) on my son in the car and I instantly got a searing pain in my left eye, it was almost blinding for a couple of minutes. Stuck around for about 6 hours. It happens probably once a month now, but doesn’t seem to last more than a couple hours. It’s not a headache & doesn’t react to pain killers like tylenol or ibuprofen, so I assumed it was the optic nerve – nothing to do but let it subside.

I also have dry-eye syndrome and wonder if that has anything to do with that pain. Not likely, I guess, but something to think about. My eyes are often achy, burning, tearing up, occasionally it takes an extra second or two to focus on something, but that’s all dry-eye, not MS. Makes me wonder, though.

Sorry I don’t have a solution for you, just sympathy as I know how much that hurts!

1 year ago

Thanks @isaacson72 for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it does not subside that easily with the regular pain killers like Tylenol/advil etc. I dont have the dry eye syndrome. My thought was that since the eye muscles are weaker and compromised by MS, it is more effort to use/focus them in situations of stress and anxiety that it gets to water and tear up. Just my opinion. I’ve asked my Neuro but didnt get any suggestions on relief.

Haven’t tried but wondering if gabapentin will help ?

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