4 years ago
Exercises for using my wheelchair?

I’ve always had an issue when I’m using my wheelchair of a lack of any real strength/power. Now this isn’t a new thing as I’ve never really been equipped upper body strength wise, and having MS really doesn’t help matters. I’m just wondering what exercises people could recommend to build up the stamina and strength when i’m using my chair?

Much love to all 🙂

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Evening Gave
Just a thought but what about those velcro on wrist weights, you could just wear them in the morning use the chair and forget about them, you’d soon get used to the extra weight am sure
I used to wear them while power walking thy do work

I’m not sure thazt wrist weights would help strengthen tghe required muscle groups as I think a lot of the strength comes from the chest region, worth a thought though.

@Gav, would something like this help you build up your upper arms/shoulders?

That looks like it could be ideal, damned difficult though 🙂 Cheers chap

@Gav, can’t say specifically for wheelchair, but @reddivine does ta ichi and swimming which probably helps with her manual wheelchair (when she doesn’t have the wheelchair fairy to push of course)

@jman heh last time I tried swimming I kind of drowned a little bit, must learn how to swim again 🙂

Theres a paralysed girl goes swimming in my local pool. She’s faster than me! jman is right, swimming is good, you’re using the arm muscles. I got the same problem, not much upper body strength and have just started using a manual wheelchair. Can’t have a scooter cuz of epilepsy (mumble, moan). So its build up the arms. I spose the various gym machines wd work but they knacker me!
You shall have to trap a wheelchair fairy…..jman is taken (wicked laugh hahahaha)

@stumbler, I watched the vid. Like how she says, “when these get easy…” HA! Not anytime this century. Dunno abt gav, I couldn’t manage ONE of them!

@reddivine, sorry I thought @Gav was considering the 2016 Paralympics………..

Hi gav , how are you now ? To go back to wheelchair exercises my physio and I set up a regime wich includes building uo upper torso strength and we also do balance exercises by taking of the arms of the chair . Can’t do the balance ones on my own but the others I can do as often as I want ! ? For red divine a message as well I couldn’t use a scooter as well one reason being that holding my arms up to steer was to difficult but I have a chair ( electric with a sticky on armrest ) would that work ? Xx all the best to all femke xx

I am going to highly recommend that you look up a local wheelchair basketball club in your area. It is a fantastic sport that can be played at whatever level you feel comfortable with. I have played for over 10 years but now don’t play in matches…..I am now a coach. My MS has reduced the amount I can play without being totally exhausted. It is a fun sport and very social. You meet all sorts of folk with many different disabilities, it is starting to become a very popular sport for people with MS. It is also excellent for upper body strength which helps on a day to day basis if you use a day chair. Please visit the link below to find a local club.
Best Wishes

Okay Gav, race you to the nearest coffee shop…@stumbler, while Rio sounds tempting, shall most liking be cheering from the sofa. Again.

It’s sad but using a wheelchair and exercises to help is an area that the various MS Societies (and other organisations that have members that use wheelchairs) seemed to have missed the mark on. Try and find anything on the Internet about using a wheelchair. Very litle,

@Gav there be a thing such as adult swimming lessons.. Even to build up stamina..

Ha I be @reddivine‘s wheelchair fairy now eh! Now where did I put those leather… Ooops wrong group:p

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