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exercise and nutrition

Hi all iam new here i am interested in what exercise and nutrition people are using. as a sufferer myself i found a range of products myself which i now sell and help people achieve their goals just like i did but am always looking to find out what others are using and what excersises they do as some of my customers have ms too so it is always good to learn so any recommendations would be great. also if you have a question about nutrition please feel free to private msg me i am always happy to help anyone out
Cheers Charlie

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6 years ago

Hi Charlie!
As far as nutrition I stick to a low carb diet it just works for me. I juice a couple of days a month. And use an elliptical machine daily along with free weights. I am always busy with my girls…bowling, cheer, and me and my girls started yoga this summer. They are never to young to start learning about health. I have us on Juice Plus vitamins 🙂

6 years ago

I have recently (about a month ago) started following the OMS ( advice and diet. So far I’m managing the diet with vitamin D supplements from GP, and taking vit B12. I do yoga weekly and have specific exercises from the physio but need to increase my exercise level further and do some more work on meditation. I’ve been suffering with fatigue a lot since my last relapse (Feb 2012) and haven’t noticed any difference since starting the diet, but my skin is looking marvellous! Anything that people can suggest for fatigue would be great!

6 years ago

I run and ride. Run into work 3 times a week. Maybe 2 times if I’m biking into work as well. I use the Jelinek diet (or parts, basically no dairy and low sat fats) and protein for recovery. Looking to do a coast to coast ride in a couple of months, so really upping the game.

It’s interesting and eye opening how to balance low fat/no dairy with food with high energy for exercise. I’ve found vegetable alternatives (burgers, sausages) have high unsaturated fat and low sat fat. Apparently people adopting that type of diet have a low unsat fat intake, so trying to find food that still have a decent fat content.

6 years ago

@jonnydrama I got into downhill riding about 5 years back and it changed my whole life. I went from dragging my left leg around and being exhausted just thinking about exercising to riding a 30 lb mountain bike 40 miles a day or more. I had to start out slow, maybe around the block for a week, then around the block 2 or 3 times a day and every other day I would add a mile to my routine. Then I started riding off road trails and downhill trails until I could out ride just about anyone I came across. Keep it up, it will only help. I cut out dairy also because I recently found out I am slightly allergic and because of Dr. Roy Swank’s findings.

6 years ago

Thanks guys for posting
Chueykooh i find your story amazing keep up the good work
jonnydrama its wicked keep up good work and goodluck with the coast to coast ride
Cbeebies i would love to help recommend some stuff for fatigue obviously cant make promises as each person is different but if you would like to know what i use and i find helps me i would be happy to help out
Rochelle28 i love that you start your girls learning about health i think that is really important i try to explain as much as i can to kids the importance of health and to think about it a bit moe and always encourage them to try something new everyday i find it helps get them thinking more about what they eat and most the time the something new is a healthy option
Cheers guys

6 years ago

As a new member on the site, I’ve serious concerns that the original message wasn’t taken down. I can’t find the T&C, but surely using the site to flog stuff that is financially beneficial to yourself is not acceptable.

6 years ago

hi i work out every day some times just dumbells or i go for it and go on my multi gym and cross trainer i do this about 3 times a week i find it does help and keeps you going i dont walk that good and i walk with a stick but get me on the cross trainer and its no problem.

6 years ago

hi thanks for your replys. i would just like to make it clear that i am not here to flog stuff as one person mentioned, i myself have MS and i found nutritional products that helped me and was a customer first it just so happens that i since using them i now sell them.each person with MS is different and what works for one may not work for another but that doesnt mean you shouldnt learn especially when it comes to nutrition and excersise i am not here to sell. nutrition and exercise is my job and helping people get fit is what i do and of great interest so i am sorry if i offended this person, but this site is for help and support and to inform i do not sell here but people can know what i do and how it has helped myself and other sufferers of ms and get more information, i wouldnt mention it if it didnt help me, im sorry if i offended this person. it just so happens that i have MS and this is my business. i give people FREE information and never push the products on anyone, if someone has a question about them then i will help sure but my purpose here is to inform myself not for a financial gain i have customers and a team of people for that. So just to be clear nutrition is what i do i am not selling products, i have MS i like to try and exercise as much as my body allows and knowing what others do is actually quite motivational as we all have down days and knowing this stuff actually helps pick you up and remotivate you.

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