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Excuse us boys!!!

Pelvic floor!!!
As Im sat here, I am trying to pull up my pelvic floor! Ive had kids but since the onset of MS I seem to be able to do it less and less and this results in “when I have to go, I have to go”!!! and often its only just in time! as much as I try I just cant seem to do it and it is very worrying! does this mean Im going to end up an incontinent old woman! please tell me there are others out there that find this hard! are there any other excercises that really do help? I guess its all linked with our nerve problems, have never had a problem before xxx

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6 years ago

During my last relapse I lost control of my pelvic floor (my entire lower body in fact) finding myself incontinent…at 27 it was incredibly distressing…however after steroids I got full use of my muscles back, pelvic floor and legs!!! So incredibly happy. In fact its my litmus test in a morning…if i can squeeze and hold im happy!!! So have faith, it will return!!! X

6 years ago

I have issues with this on and off…depending on how bad I am that particular day. Its mostly presented in the “when I have to go, I HAVE to go!!!” problem and just a noticeable weakness in that area.

6 years ago

Oh joy! Pelvic floor exercises…..anyone who has had a couple of kids knows @ these. And they do help but a bugger to do. Yeah it is totally embaressing to have accidents in public….I’ve got that i know where every public loo is in town, Just In Case.

6 years ago

It’s not just women with MS who have this problem – anyone who’s had a baby can have a weaker pelvic floor. Even the physio who led my antenatal class said she needed to run to the loo when she felt a sneeze coming on (and she did the exercises religiously).
My problem is now that I can’t walk so fast (let alone run!) it takes me longer to get to the toilet – one of nature’s little jokes :-S

6 years ago

Aaach, Researchy shows that it may benefit us boys, nay even Men:) to do such exercises, not just for that embarrassing thing but for improving other areas as well;)

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