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Apologies for changing the original topic of this post, the second idea came along & I thought it would be good to see peoples responses to this theme.

I am not sure what I would do, probably faint! lol

One of those daft questions, like how long is a piece of string?

I think I’d just carry on celebrating, because this cure will come fast on the tail of world peace and the end of third world hunger!
Cynical, or what! 😆

Yeh I guess it was a long shot in hindsight.

No use giving up hope I suppose.

I’d do a world tour.

an interesting one!
Id cry and march round the house in DELIGHT without holding on to anything shouting “look at me look at me”
WALK to the school pick up !
try to attempt my 5 mile powerwalk I USED to do then collapse with realisation that I need to take it one step at a time HA !!!
If only eh for all of us x


Go for a long walk and never stop.

Keep celebrating, go for long walk, oh I wish could.

walk without a care in the world.. no more looking around for ‘balance props’ ahhhh [eyes closed thinking….] xxx

I think I’d probably change my career and become a tattoo artist full time, although I’m tempted to try anyway!

Some good replys to this.

Nice to feel a bit more positive in the ‘what if’ dept for a change rather than worrying about all the negative stuff that could happen but hasn’t happened yet.

I wouldn’t know what to do. I am not happy having ms!!! Though I am happy with/despite all I have now, including the ms.

-I would probably refuse =P

I’m so sick of feeling weak, I would probably go mad with power if I got my strength back. I would just run and jump about the place like crazy, Its probably safer for my little town, if I stay like this…

Do voluntary charity work to see what could be cured next. Pay it forward. X

I would do all the things that are limited now. Run some miles, walk however far I want, and be able to maneuver the stairs with out fear of falling.
I would also have a lot of time on my hands which used to be set aside for naps :):)



Well, in sense I sort of felt a little taste of that when I had my procedure. You see I could not walk properly, and well, I used to piss my pants fairly regularly and embarrassingly.

It’s all gone except the swallow problem.

But if I was truly cured? I’d have to consider the idea that there is a god. And for me that would be a massive step.

I’d also dance. With my sun.

I would be soo excited and feel sooo good….. I would try to take over the world 🙂

Sex. Lots and lots of sex…

Hehe, nice one @daisy.
I would play all my grade 8 piano pieces without slips/fumble/mistakes very loudly 😀 I’d prob pick-up the clarinet again too and join a marching band!

@pottypete I am loving your world tour idea. Me and my fiance love driving holidays. Might do the Mongol Rally while still can.

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