sarah1972 15/03/17
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DVLA and CIS diagnosis

Morning…Just a quick question..Can anyone offer advice on informing DVLA and insurance(car) after my CIS diagnosis! Do I need too???

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11 months ago

Hi Sarah, you should be guided by the MS team as to whom and when to inform – it all depends on the assessment and severity of your condition. In my experience, the insurance company was not too interested, and thankfully nothing changed on my policy, but I was required to update the DVLA who issued me with a form to complete and a slightly restricted licence for three years. My status will be reassessed in three years, which I believe is standard practice.

Sadly I am no longer eligible to drive an articulated lorry LOL!! As if I wanted to….

It is all a bit scary I know as I initially feared I may be asked to adapt my car.

Good luck

11 months ago

Hi Knotty and thankyou for your reply.. I’m at a loss as to no who to inform really as since my app with neurologist in Feb he just basically said as I’ve had the 1 symptom(right sided facial numbness) he said until I have anymore he classed it as clinical isolated syndrome.. no MS team follow up just to go back in June for another MRI! But thankyou again for taking the time to read and reply!
Keep well

11 months ago

@sarah1972 , it’s always best to give the DVLA (0300 790 6806) a quick call and ask them the question.

If they see it as a notifiable medical condition, then you would need to advise your car insurance company. They’ll only be interested in whether you have advised the DVLA…..

11 months ago

Thanks stumbler,I have just phoned DVLA and they are sending out a nuerological question pack for me to fill in and 1 for my GP to complete also.So as you said it’s always best to give them a call!

11 months ago

Oh bugger I really hoped I’d get a call up for the remake of smokey and the bandit (Bert Renalds) to drive his Lorry for him it’s a childhood dream. Bloody DVLA 🥊 wonder if I have a few hand controls and adapted foot pedal they will still let me, or even is there a DVLA in America????? I dunno I’m off to cook me tea 😂 ✌️

11 months ago

@knotty ^^^^^^^

11 months ago

I asked my MS nurse as I too am currently CIS. She said that I didn’t need to inform the DVLA.

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