wonderwoman 26/01/17
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Duh.. Can't sleep because of my RLS.

I just took my RLS meds and now I have to wait if it gets better. Is anyone still up 4 some in between conversation? (:

Cheers from Germany!

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1 year ago

Ivread on your profile that you have benign ms. Just curious but after what time-frame does the diagnosis of benign ms arise? Do the symptoms you had totally resolve?

Sorry if its too many questions. I haven’t had the chance to talk to a fellow MSer who has benign ms

1 year ago

1am I’m still going

1 year ago

Hey there folks!

Sooo, benign ms.. I can tell you my story and why I think, that I have an “easy” ms. At least I think like that. As you know I’m from Germany. I had to look up first what benign ms means and I thought the description fits somehow.

My first symptoms occurred in November 2014. When I talked it sounded like I took more vodka shots than I actually should. Also the right half of my body was very weak – not numb, it felt sort of powerless. That means it was very difficult to simply brush my hair or my teeth, walk straight or to write.

The results of the lumbar puncture were positive, also at the MRI they found one small inflammation on the left side of my brain,which explained my symptoms. Anyway: the criteria for a ms diagnosis weren’t given back then. It was call CIS = clinically isolated syndrome. My neurologist told me, that the ms diagnosis would be clear if another symptom or inflammation appears. I got 5 days cortisone each 1000 mg. Additionally ergo therapy, physio therapy and speech therapy. Two weeks later everything was just as normal before the symptoms showed up. Since then I take Avonex and was totally fine. No more symptoms. But three months ago,so two years after my CIS diagnosis,they found a new very small inflammation – but I was lucky that no symptoms showed up.

Why I think my ms is benign? Because I actually have no problems with it. No fatigue or pain or something else. I just hope it stays that way. My next MRI ist in March. My doctor wants to make sure, that no more inflammations show up in the next 6 months. Thaaat’s the story (:

1 year ago

Its really good that your symptoms cleared. Did they clear suddenly or was it gradually over a period of time? Did you do anything which you feel contributed even slightly to your health returning to normal?

I’m told that I’m overly positive lol. But a positive attitude helps in a lot of way and no harm can be done lol. Your story is positive and shows that happy endings can happen with ms

1 year ago

Mmh, there are a lot of factors that might helped me feel better overall. For example I quit smoking after 7 years. I also started to go to the gym at least once to twice a week. In summer I use to go swimming instead. I also reduced drinking alcohol, because I used to take a sip or two at every party – and there were a lot of partys. Also keeping a positive mind helps me a lot. I know ms can suddenly become worse without me knowing at all. It can happen any second. Probably it is already happening right now. But the secret is to not care about when or why it happens. Nobody has the power to control this disease by thinking about it 24/7.
I just enjoy the syptoms-less time that I have. If they show up one day I still have my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my badass colleagues and an unbelievable good neurologist who will all take care that I don’t have to be scared going through this alone. Staying positive is the best medication you can get.

Anyway: after my cortisone infusion my symptoms were already almost completely gone. Two weeks later everything was just as normal as ever.


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